FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 20

Approaching fleet management differently

In 2021 , as we grapple with post-pandemic

economic uncertainty , cost , usability , and flexibility have become critical factors in determining the effectiveness of a fleet management solution .
Launched in 2019 CONNECT is a new age fleet management platform , built around evolving fleet market challenges , customer feature requests and user feedback . Over time , it matured into a cost-effective fleet solution that combines a set of must-have fleet management features backed by intelligent big data reporting and best in breed user experience .
Custom fleet solutions – voice of our customer
Paying for a rich feature set with zero flexibility , when you only require a fraction of the program , has always been a pain point for the fleet market .
CONNECT addresses this by providing its users with a cost-effective , device agnostic , intuitive dashboard , a modular feature set and optional rich reporting . Users only pay for the features they use . Also , we partner with customers to build custom features they need .
As organisations change their fleet management approach throughout this post-pandemic period we see a shift towards shared fleet models , greater visibility and increasing reliance on data to guide strategy . CONNECT is adapting and evolving too , adding features and solutions relevant to fleet managers and their new approach . For example , CONNECT is adding easy to use Vehicle Booking and Driver ID features to support shared fleet models .
Fleet management powered by predictive analytics
Mobility data is Intelematics DNA . Our products use artificial intelligence and machine learning to enrich our solutions and deliver predictive services to fleet managers , providing them with a deeper understanding of their fleet performance in the past , present and into the future .