FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 18

A crash is no accident !

Fleet incident rates are well in excess of

20 %, with 94 % of crashes being a direct result of driver error . Under “ Duty of Care ”, there is a direct role of Boards , Executives and Fleet Managers to manage employee risk , with harsh penalties for non-compliance .
As a result , any identified risks must be acted upon highlighting the need for all fleets to instigate and maintain an active risk management program in line with legislated compliance requirements . This can only be achieved via ongoing measuring , reporting and risk reduction , creating the need for accurate capturing and timely reporting via specialised systems - It ’ s not a “ one off ” exercise .
Adoption of safer vehicles alone will not reduce the impact of on-road incidents as driver behaviour and human error cannot be disregarded . Drivers ’ cannot rely on improved safety features alone and allow themselves to become complacent – driver behaviour can only be improved with active , ongoing monitoring and risk management .
Introducing ………
Driver risk reduction redefined .
Innovation Group Australia has partnered with eDriving™ , a leading global provider of digital driver risk management programs , to deliver eDriving™ ’ s award winning product Mentor across Australia and New Zealand .
Mentor™ is an award-winning driver risk reduction app , that helps at-work drivers understand their risky behaviours and ultimately make the right choices when faced with decisions behind the wheel . The driver risk management program helps Sales , Service and Delivery organisations worldwide reduce collisions , injuries , license violations , as well as Total Cost of Ownership ( TC0 ).
There is no hardware required as Mentor is a smartphone app that uses the smartphone sensors to collect and analyse driver behaviours most predictive of risk , identifying the likelihood of a driver being involved in a crash or incident . The behaviours include Acceleration , Braking , Cornering , Speeding and Phone Distraction .
Driver on-road performance is converted into a validated individual Safe Driving Score . Personalised insights are provided to drivers after each trip , showing both positive and negative driving events , and for the driver ’ s review only , exactly where they occurred . Additionally , engaging , interactive micro-training modules are delivered directly to the driver in-app to help promptly remediate risky behaviours and reduce risk .