FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 17

, a dedicated battery electric vehicle platform , serving as the core technology for our next-generation electric line-up .
Our vehicles based on this new platform will have a driving range of over 500km on a full charge and be charged up to 80 % within 18 minutes through high-speed charging . This makes them ideal for fleets looking for long range and minimal downtime .
To complement our eco car offering , we provide a total fleet solution including tailored pricing , an extensive dealer network and lifetime service plans with the aim to assist progressive fleets meet both their budget and environmental goals .
At Hyundai , we ’ re excited to partner with fleets on their transition towards a cleaner transport future . The automotive sector may be experiencing a rapid evolution , but where there is a change there is opportunity and we look forward to working closely with Australian fleets on their electrifying journey .
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