FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 15

By allowing AI and machine learning to monitor data , examine past mistakes and interpret vehicle performance , AI Drive is designed to continuously protect lives behind the wheel and on the road .
Future-forward fleets .
Fleet learning is expected to become the next standard for the industry and AI Drive is leading the way . By providing the best hardware and cloud-based AI technology , it equips drivers , businesses and the overall community with a better way to use the road .
What are the industry advantages of fleet learning ?
• Transcending the current norm of logistics and transportation with cutting-edge technology
Through data tracking and analytics reporting run by powerful artificial intelligence , AI Drive ensures that the fleets of tomorrow will learn from today ’ s data collection to improve decision-making , safety and planning .
• Delivering proactive protection and prevention
Advocating road safety at its finest , AI Drive offers integrated driver and vehicle monitoring solutions like speed sign recognition , lane departure detection and collision warnings to reduce the risks of road danger and accidents .
• Providing a complete suite of next-generation systems
Using multiple features , all housed in one platform , AI Drive is a new generation of fleet technology that scans road conditions , gathers route data and records driver performance .
• Offering customisable solutions
AI Drive can offer bespoke solutions catering to every unique requirement and specific business need . It can upgrade and modify existing fleet systems or build from scratch .
• Forming a community for the future of vehicular transport
AI Drive doesn ’ t only benefit the traditional transport and logistics industry – it also impacts other related sectors like health , education , government and non-profits which utilise transport assets to deliver value to their clients .
• Re-appreciating a depreciating asset .
Vehicles have a long-held reputation that they ’ re constantly on the value decline . With AI Drive ’ s On-The-Go Data Collection capabilities , they now have the potential to offer a new level of value that has never been seen before .
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