FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 14

A better way to use the road .

AI Drive by GoLive Monitoring pioneers fleet learning capabilities for vehicle usability , productivity and safety .
Transport and logistics represent a significant part of the Australian economy , with ASIC estimating an annual revenue of $ 102.87 billion , an operating profit of $ 10.14 billion and the employment of more than half a million people across its major sub-sectors .
In such a thriving sector , evolving technology such as Artificial Intelligence is set to further enhance and augment the capabilities of this area . This is where AI Drive enters the market with such an innovative solution that it has spawned its very own niche , called Fleet Learning .
AI Drive is pioneering the future of commercial mobility worldwide through innovative data collection and AI solutions for better safety today and better insights tomorrow – not only to improve business productivity but for the benefit of the wider fleet community , too .
Harnessing the power of on-the-road data .
AI Drive , developed by industry-leader GoLive Monitoring , is a comprehensive fleet solution that collects and analyses data through on-the-road capabilities to create insights around improvements in safety , efficiency and beyond .
The system is built through the sophisticated new synergy of revolutionary cloud-based software , robust onboard hardware and AI algorithms that , together , monitor driver safety and fleet performance in real-time .
Aggregating data for industry-wide ongoing learning purposes , we ’ re witnessing a new era of fleet technology where proactive insights can prevent road-related problems and organisations can utilise AI Drive to make more informed decisions around fleet management .
An innovative approach today for tomorrow .
The most significant limitation to fleet tracking , management and monitoring devices is that each product serves one specific purpose .
AI Drive , however , is an all-encompassing solution that combines the benefits provided by different systems in just one platform . From GPS tracking , fleet system health reports and incident alerts to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ( ADAS ), API integration , live video , safety , fatigue prediction and more – businesses can rely on AI Drive to be dynamic and flexible in meeting specific requirements and improving vehicle efficiency .