FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 | Page 35

Toyota Motor Corp . has suspended production at nine plants in Japan because of supply disruptions from an earthquake that rattled the country ’ s northeast earlier this month .
The world ’ s biggest automaker said the interruption is caused by suppliers affected by the February 13 quake . This quake , scientists said , was an aftershock to the massive 9.0 quake of 2011 in which three reactors melted down , releasing radiation into the air and rendering the zone around the plant uninhabitable .
The planned suspension is expected to affect Toyota ’ s production of various car models , but the company is unable to say the extent to which the temporary closures will reduce its domestic car output .
Toyota has been leading the strong recovery in Japan ’ s domestic car production , which has slumped because of the COVID-19 pandemic . Domestic production at other Japanese carmakers is not affected by the earthquake but remains pressured by a shortage of semiconductors .
Nigeria ’ s first locally assembled electric car , the Hyundai Kona , was officially unveiled by the Federal Government through the National Automotive Design and Development Council ( NADDC ) on February 5 .
The electric car , which was assembled by the Stallion Group Automobile , has been tagged as an innovation that will enable Nigeria and Nigerians to benefit from the gains in renewable and sustainable energy . This innovation will help to foster an eco-friendly environment .
Anant Badjatya , the CEO of the Stallion group said “ Hyundai Kona is the first electric car in Nigeria .”
“ The car has 5 years battery and manufacturer ’ s warranty , 100 per cent electric , zero-emission and hassle-free charging at home and workplace .”
“ The Hyundai Kona has a 482-kilometre range , [ and ] I believe that electric cars are the future of auto ,” Badjatya said .
Tampa Bay sanitation worker Waldo Fidele is being praised for his quick action and attentiveness after he unwittingly scooped a 7-year-old boy up into his garbage truck , saving him from being crushed to death .
Elias Quezada had climbed inside the family ’ s trash can , even shutting the lid . But his timing was terrible , because at that moment Fidele ’ s truck was making the rounds on his grandmother ’ s street .
“ In a minute he went out , and the next thing I hear is the sound of the truck and a guy screaming ,” Elias ’ grandmother Carmen Salazar said .
“ I got picked up and thrown , to where I was going to be a mashed potato !” Elias said .
Luckily , Fidele was watching the truck compartment ’ s surveillance camera , which he said he has been trained to do with every can .
“ It was a bad day for me . I was scared ,” the driver said .