FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 26

2021 A Turning Point for Sustainability


Make no mistake - 2021 will be a tipping

point in our transition to alternative fuel sources !
While it ’ s fair to say that Australia is 10 years behind the rest of the world in adopting these technologies , the ‘ let ’ s wait and see ’ approach is no longer an acceptable or viable option for Australia .
The 2020s will be a decade of turning evolving technologies such as battery and hydrogen powered vehicles into the mainstream . While the 2030s will see these technologies completely replace current high-carbon alternatives such as petrol and diesel powered vehicles .
Oil Refinery Closures
ExxonMobil have just announced the closure of Victoria ’ s Altona oil refinery . The closure is the second in five months , after BP shut their Kwinana refinery in Western Australia last year . This will leave only 2 refineries operating in Australia .
The US Turnaround
The election of President Joe Biden has been a significant catalyst for environmental change as he seeks to lead a ‘ green ’ economic recovery .
He recently signed a set of executive actions to begin making his plans a reality . Directing his administration to take a “ whole-ofgovernment approach ” to combat climate change , ordering federal agencies to purchase electricity that is pollution-free , as well as zero emission vehicles , and directing the US Department of Interior to pause entering into new oil and natural gas leases .
Climate Change Policy
This comes on top of the US re-joining the Paris climate agreement and directing agencies to reverse several former President Trump ’ s actions slashing environmental regulations and emissions standards .
But Biden ’ s real stamp on climate change will come from intertwining ambitious climate goals like getting to 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 with a bold economic recovery bill .