FleetDrive 23 - June 2020 | Page 2

Executive Summary Mace Hartley Executive Director AfMA is delighted to provide our 3rd FleetDrive edition for 2020 to you as an educational resource to deepen your understanding and awareness of the issues affecting fleet management and the automotive profession. We might be entering the winter period, but things are certainly warming up for the automotive industry as we begin our slow journey back to normal. It’s exciting to see 27 salespeople register to become accredited by AfMA in the first 10 days of June. They will complete four online courses in their learning path to becoming an accredited member of AfMA. 1. Handling conflict & negotiations ethically 2. Chain of Responsibility 3. Work health & Safety and the Mobile Workplace 4. Risk & Hazard Management and the Mobile Workplace 100% of people who’ve completed the learning believe it will assist them in becoming a trusted business advisor to their customers and recommend the learning path to any salesperson operating in the automotive and fleet industries. This edition includes an update on the road to recovery out of COVID-19, top tips to get you through tax time, a Q&A with ANCAP about the ongoing changes within their safety testing programs, plus another timely reminder about the future of vehicle technology. Plus we check in for an update about what’s happening in your state and around the world too. If you’re looking to provide your work health and safety committee with information that will assist their performance, perhaps guide them towards AfMA’s new online courses covering Chain of Responsibility, WH&S in the Mobile Workplace and Risk and Hazard Management and the Mobile Workplace. They’re only $55 each for members and participants can download resources for future knowledge. In these socially distant times, e-learning has become even more important than ever before so make the most of these opportunities as you and your team work remotely. On that theme, we’re excited to announce our upcoming webinar for Thursday June 18, which will feature attendees from right around the globe and provide insight on how your vehicle values will be affected by the recent economic downturn. We will hear from 3 industry experts and provide you ample opportunity to have your burning questions answered live, so too make sure to block out time to join us for this free event. Preparations remain in place for our 2020 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition on November 9-10 in Melbourne. The climate 2 ISSUE 23 2020 / WWW.AFMA.ORG.AU