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LONDON BUSINESS PROFILE 34 yourBusiness T he Pristine Olive Tasting Bar provides our customers with the highest quality and freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oils on the Planet. We are a tasting bar, allowing our customers to come in and learn about each of our products, taste over 50 different oils and vinegars, enjoy the many flavours, and freshly bottle their favourite selections. We only carry current crop olive oils from both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Based on the harvest dates, this guarantees the freshest oils are available to you all year round. Our customers have the opportunity to discover their favourite estate grown, single-variety Ultra Premium olive oils from our selection of Italian, Spanish, Greek, Australian, Tunisian, Chilean, and Californian oils. Our delicious Traditional Style Balsamic Vinegar Condimento are made from cooked Trebbiano grape must aged for up to 18-years using the Solera System, and are PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certified to come from Modena, Italy. Our popular balsamic line includes our Traditional Balsamic Condimento as well as all natural infused vinegars like pomegranate, dark chocolate, fig, strawberry, pineapple and many more! Our supplier, Veronica Foods is the oldest and most trusted in the industry and is credited for opening the first olive oil and vinegar tasting bar of its kind in North America. Now supplying over 300 stores, twenty being located in Canada, their line of fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Fused and Infused Olive Oils, Traditional Balsamic Vinegars, and Naturally Flavoured Balsamic Vinegars are unmatched and certified for their Ultra Premium quality. The Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils found at The Pristine Olive Tasting Bar define a new category of olive oil which is well beyond the current Extra Virgin standards. This new UP standard was developed to define and distinguish the freshest, highest quality olive oil in the world, by separating the “Good” from the “Great” with third party sensory evaluation and credentialed laboratory testing methods. The Pristine Olive is the only place in London which can offer their customers the ultimate in olive oil flavour, authenticity, and tree to bottle transparency. While others still use meaningless “best if used by dates”, we want you to know when your olive oil was crushed! This is a very unique time in the olive oil industry worldwide as a flood of low quality, adulterated olive oil is being dumped on the market due to economic pressures forcing the price of olive oil down to record low levels. Quality producers are being forced out of business as they simply cannot compete on a level playing field. A growing number of new “Copycat” gourmet olive oil and vinegar stores are also being opened across the country selling these low-grade or simply counterfeit extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Our goal at The Pristine Olive is to educate each customer by allowing them to experience what high quality olive oil should taste like. But, we also educate the customer on Why it tastes better! The Pristine Olive Tasting Bar specializes in real, fresh, certified, ultra premium extra virgin olive oils. You will always find the unique chemistry and harvest/crush date posted on each of our extra virgin olive oils. Our Ultra Premium (UP) program is unlike anything the industry has seen since the advent of the first Extra Virgin standard. The UP Logo is intended to give customers the assurance of both quality and authenticity through three crucial platforms: Certified Fresh, Lab Tested, & Sensory Evaluated. The UP Logo is not just a symbol without substance behind it like many of the “certifications” that are popping up elsewhere in the industry. UP has been developed by our supplier as a new standard with a full technical specification at its heart based on best practices being used by the “best of the best” olive oil producers in the world as well as accepted industry standard practices. Olive oil produced based on the UP specification is Certified to be made according to these best practices. The resulting olive oil must also pass the new UP chemical standards which are set at much higher limits than any Extra Virgin standard in the world. The chemical requ