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Here are the guidelines: • When there are fewer than five workers on any one shift, first aiders must hold at least a St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid Certificate or equivalent. • When there are more than five workers per shift, first aiders must hold a St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid Certificate or equivalent. Employers should assess their workplace to ensure that they always have first aiders available to provide prompt and effective first aid to injured workers. Employers should consider the physical size of the workplace, types of processes, schedules and hours of operation when arranging a first aid station and training. Locally, first aid training can be provided by St John Ambulance. They are located at 741 King Street in London and can be reached by phone at 519432-1352 or by email at london. A quick visit to the website ( will allow you to learn more about the training offered. Business owners in Sarnia, Windsor, Chatham can also contact the London office for more training information. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) plays a key role in the province’s occupational health and safety system. The WSIB administers no-fault workplace insurance for employers and their workers and is committed to the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses. The WSIB provides disability benefits, monitors the quality of healthcare, and assists in early and safe return to work for workers who are injured on the job or contract an occupational disease. This information contained in this article is available in several languages by calling the information hotline at 416-344-1000, toll-free 1-800-3870750 or Telephone Service for the Deaf (TTY): 1-800-387-0050. For a copy of the Regulation or for further information, call 1-800-663-6639 or 416-344-1016. n VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 2 | yourBusiness Online 33