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Ontario Businesses Must Meet First Aid Requirements T he law that covers workplace safety and insurance in Ontario includes a section (regulation) which outlines what first aid employers must provide. Called Regulation 1101 - First Aid Requirements, it applies to all employers governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Under the law, employers must provide a variety of first aid supports, including trained personnel, facilities and equipment sufficient to offer prompt first aid to injured workers. Regulation 1101 does not require an employer to provide first aid to the public, but applies only to the employer’s staff. Federally regulated employers, e.g. inter-provincial trucking companies, are not covered by this regulation. Their workplace first aid requirements, while similar, are specifically set out in the Canada Labour Code, Part II. Each workplace must contain a first aid station that includes: FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • FIRST AID • 32 yourBusiness Online | VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 2 • A first aid box containing the items required by the regulation • The WSIB poster known as Form 82, “In Case of Injury Poster” • Current first aid certificates of trained workers • An inspection card for recording details of inspections of the first aid box. First aid boxes must be inspected quarterly. In addition, an employer employing 200 or more workers in any one shift must provide and maintain a first aid room. A worker who is trained and who works in the immediate vicinity of the first aid station must be in charge of it. First aid stations must be easily accessible for the prompt treatment of any worker at all times. Sometimes this means having more than one first aid station in a workplace. As a minimum, a first aid box must contain items required by Regulation 1101. Items in the box must be maintained in good condition at all times. The box must be large enough so that each item is in plain view and easily accessible. About keeping records Employers must keep a record of all accidents. The record will include a description of the accident, the date and time of the occurrence, the names of witnesses, the nature and exact location of the injuries to the worker and the date, time and nature of each first aid treatment provided. How many workers there are in the workplace determines the level of training for first aiders.