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Nobody has time or skill to do everything in their business and building an audience and finding new and creative ways to engage your customers can be quite difficult and timeconsuming. Hiring a professional can help you get started and move you along. Good social media marketers know how to time posts, find cool content, and get people involved so that you get the most out of what you’re posting. Lynn Grushka, an independent sales consultant for Enjo Canada, says that she created a Facebook page years ago but didn’t have time to invest in keeping it updated. She hired Grigg to help her optimize her Facebook presence and after a few months, her Facebook page began turning into a community made up of people genuinely interested in the natural cleaning product she sells. Grigg helps Grushka interact with her customers and keep the page updated with articles, advice, pictures, and much more. “I want my customers to respond and this way I know she’s watching after it. There’s someone always taking care of my customers,” says Grushka. Whether you choose to enlist the help of a professional marketer or devote yourself to building your own social media presence, the key to a successful strategy is evaluating your resources, understanding your goals, paying attention to your audience, and never underestimating the importance of quality customer service. As social media continues to evolve and settle into everyday life, most businesses can’t afford to be left behind wondering ‘What if’ instead of taking advantage of the growing possibilities. There will always be new apps and networks and changes to existing ones, but it’s important to remember that success is not about being everywhere all the time; it’s about making your presence count. n VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 2 | yourBusiness Online 29