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Social Media Business for By Natalia Halec 26 yourBusiness Online | VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 2 W ith social media rapidly evolving to create more and more ways to get connected, it’s easy to get lost in this world of links and likes and tweets and posts and pins. While it can seem overwhelming, one thing’s for sure – online marketing is not slowing down. There are many important points to keep in mind when considering a social media marketing strategy for your business. “I’m not going to say that social media is for every business,” says Jennifer Grigg, owner of Social Dragon Marketing. “There are tons of businesses that don’t need social media – but the majority of businesses do,” she says. The simple truth is that a good chunk of existing and potential customers are already online and they’re already using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and half a dozen other social media applications every day, everywhere they go. Facebook has over one billion active users and a new study reveals that smartphone users check Facebook fourteen times per day. The implications this has for business are obvious. If marketing is about reaching out to where your customers are, then a business without any social media presence may not be maximizing its reaching potential. “Some businesses don’t use it because they’re afraid. They don’t know how to use it,” says Grigg. “They think ‘What if I do it wrong, what if it doesn’t work out?’ Well you can’t think that way; you have to think, ‘Well what if it does work out? What’s going to happen?”