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o, you’re thinking about using S Will the content be presented on a require, what functionality you require, digital signage —  the most multi-zoned screen? and the price – in that order. Think about effective form of marketing and What will be the content resolution how you want to manage and control your messaging known to humankind (e.g. 720P/1080P)? content: — for your business or orga- Will you be using still imagery, full- nization. That’s a good idea, without a motion graphics, video, etc? Will you require dayparting (showing doubt! But before you take the plunge you different content at different times of day) really should consider a number of critical The answer to these questions should capabilities? and important variables that could make or align with your marketing strategy and Will you require different content to be break that otherwise effective and engag- your goals and objectives relating to the displayed on different days? ing digital signage display. digital signage solution. What level of reliability do you desire? Proper planning is essential for any digi- (Generally, this is a no-brainer but it does tal signage deployment, whether you’re relate to your budget) considering one or 100 screens. With Hardware that in mind, here are a handful of helpful questions to ask yourself before the project While the type of digital signage hard- begins. ware to be used is determined primarily Finally, there is one more very important by the content requirements, your budget question to answer: Goals & Objectives On which Operating System (OS) will it be based – Windows, Linux, Mac? and the environments into which the system is being installed, there are other factors This is the first question to answer and After having read this do you honestly worth considering: have the time and energy to deal, man- the most important: age and see all this to completion and Do you require commercial grade beyond? What is our goal or objective with this screens rated for 16-24hr usage? project? Will you need a portrait or landscape Deciding to implement digital signage Will it fulfill the requirement of all areas display? in your business or organization is a big of your business? Is it a video-wall application, and if so, decision and can be a major investment. Will it be displaying content for educa- what is the desired bezel width? It’s a strategy that can be rich in rewards tional or marketing purposes, or both? How will the digital signage solution but if it’s not done properly, with equal Will it be targeting external or internal compliment or match the decour of the attention given to all the aspects mentioned audiences or both? environment – is this important? above, it could turn into a bad investment How frequently will you need to Will you want extended warranties on and instead of hitting your goals and change or update the content? the equipment? Typical warranties offer 2, objectives, it could fail miserably and tar- At what locations do you anticipate 3, or 5 year options. nish your brand and your image. using the digital signage and who will be What if someone changes the input That’s where a company like EyeLook the targeted audience? looking for the football game or a TV sta- Media comes in. You may need a full- tion? This happens! service digital signage solutions provider By being able to answer these question What works best – an internal media that does it all: from strategy to deployment clear and concise answers allows you to player inside the housing of the display and everything in between and beyond. not only move forward with the project but panel or an external media player This will ensure your digital signage solu- to be able to track and gauge its success. mounted behind the display? tion is a successful one.n Content is King Software It’s very important to really define the This element of your digital signage content specifications: is primarily driven by what features you VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 2 | yourBusiness Online 25