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Pre-K to Grade 12 Reading Writing Math French SAT/ACT Prep Better grades begin at Oxford Learning T oday is the day. Someone is going to visit or call to express their dissatisfaction with your company. Is there a plan in place to resolve this person’s complaints? Does everyone in your company know the procedures and understand the tips to successful resolution? Developing a customer service plan for your business and training your staff to provide great customer service will reap the benefits any small business owner craves. For almost 30 years, Oxford Learning has been teaching improved thinking and learning skills to students of all ages and grades. We don’t just tutor—our unique approach to learning leads to lasting improvements and better grades not just this year, but every year! All Ages. All Grades. All Subjects. Enrol Today! London Southwest 519.473.0375 Byron 519.472.3321 London North 519.645.0651 Usually, angry customers contact you because they have not found resolutions to their problems. Chances are they have been ignored, passed from one person to another, or are a repeat dissatisfied customer. When a customer contacts you, always remember that he/she wants you to do something about the problem NOW! VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 2 | yourBusiness Online 21