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Kathleen understands that entrepreneurs are cut from a different cloth. They want to get paid for ALL the efforts they put forth and the risks they take. We can’t bear to live by the clock! If it was easy, then every business owner would be rich! Kathleen believes it IS simple, but it is not easy. “Just do whatever it takes, and learn from those around you.” “There were times when I wondered if I had made the right decision; there were times when I doubted myself on every front.” explains Kathleen. “It was the thought of those who relied on me for their livelihood that gave me the motivation to put my head down and get through each challenge. Motivational books, tapes and anything else I could find helped me stay on course. If I hadn’t regained my self-esteem, I shudder to think of where I’d be today. I remembered what my life was like before I started my company, when I needed a job and had a daughter to support, and so I pushed forward. As my company grew, I taught my mangers to believe in themselves, how to think like an owner, how to read a Profit and Loss statement and to watch the bottom line.” Kathleen is devoted to working with women (and really smart men) to do the same. She believes you can gain independence through entrepreneurship by building your future. n The Storage Company is a professional, full service self storage facility serving customer’s residential and business needs. 300 Marconi Gate • London 519 Follow Kathleen’s guidance in a series of articles in upcoming issues of YourBusiness Online! yourstoragesolutionexperts 455 1000 Climate Controlled • Short & Long Term Self Storage • 24 Hour Access Safe & Secure • Business & Residential • Moving Supplies VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 2 | yourBusiness Online 11