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Making your own Money Kathleen Mundy, author and entrepreneur, turned a small investment into a multi-million dollar business in five years and now teaches why ‘Making Your Own Money’ makes a difference in your future. Kathleen is a business coach and officer of Making Your Own Money™. Her company is committed to helping women (and smart men) reach their full potential and independence in the entrepreneurial world and secure a better future. Over the next few issues, Kathleen will kindly share tips and thoughts for Making Your Own Money™. “C urveballs come at you!” Kathleen says. “Learn to catch a curveball and throw it back!” In our introduction to this series, Kathleen has some questions for small business owners and entrepreneurs. 1 2 3 4 Are you working too hard for the money you make? 10 yourBusiness Experiencing sleepless nights? Wondering if you’ll make it through the next year? Looking for ways to recover the loss of sales and profits? Online | VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 2