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Hawaiian Olympics

Organic eating

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Ancient Hawaiians experienced a healthy lifestyle compared to other island cultures. They were physically active with men and women alike competing in an Olympics style celebration of games and festivities called Makahiki.

Develop strength and endurance for kicking against strong currents, live boat drops, drift diving, quickly changing conditions and rough seas with this custom workout which prepares divers for Maui adventures.

A Humback whale surfaced about 100 yards away as we lined up on the deck navy seal style for our live boat drop. At Fish Rain, the variety and abundance of fish near the pinnacle was astounding.

Are you prepared

to dive?

If you’re not fortunate enough to live in an area where you can dive year round, or you’re strictly a traveling warm water diver, chances are you’ve put your dive gear away for extended periods of time. If that’s the case then you need to get ready for the new dive season or your next trip.


Maui is an amazing place to find and eat locally grown and raised food. Maui's environment is known for nurturing a wide variety of fresh tropical fruits, vegetables, coffee, fish and meats.