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Taveuni Treasure 7

Anenomes and anenomefish abound in Taveuni. These fascinating fish seem to have it all, comfortable homes, good looks, plenty of food, vitality, romance, families and friends. What can we learn about our health and wellbeing from this fascinating symbiotic way of life?

It's OK to Call a Dive 15

by Stephen C. Mendel, MSDT

The first thing I say to someone who is nervous about making their open water dives is this: “Scuba diving is a recreational sport. You don’t ‘have’ to do it. You choose to do it."

Exercises for Diving 19 Somosomo Strait

Improve diving confidence and comfort. This workout develops strength and endurance for diving and hiking, both of which can often be enjoyed in the same diving destination.

Travel Nutrition: 37

Rainbow Reef Scuba Salad

Enjoy this colorful delicious salad that fuels diving and fitness activity.

Lavena Coastal Trek - 41 Diving Fitness, Waterfalls and Wellnes

Explore Taveuni and discover why exercising outdoors is a great way to improve health.