FitDiver® Magazine June 2016 - Page 46

It was exhilerating. Fiji water is truly something special - the feel of it on your skin and hair, not just to drink. The trek or "Taveuni Spa Day" as we like to call it, took six hours out and back.

Physical activity anywhere is known to improve health and wellbeing. While we know this from personal experience, studies indicate that when we exercise outdoors, we put more effort into our activity without necessarily noticing the exhertion. The surroundings, fresh air, terrain and sometimes the company of others, places our mind and body in a happier more energized state. We move without the assistance provided by mechanisms of fitness equipment. Being close to nature, even in a city park tends to lift our mood and spirit. Our trek on the island of Taveuni is one of the happy places we can still go to in our minds when we are stuck inside the office all day. We returned about six hours later, happy and rejuvenated.

Wainibau stream flows into the Pacific Ocean