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Gretchen M. Ashton,


Taveuni, Fiji bursts with color, above and below. Topside, divers find themselves under double rainbows arched over lush tropical forest. Underwater, divers are immersed in a caliedescope of soft corals. Rainbow Reef and the Great White Wall are specactular. The abundance and variety of sea life begins with anenomies and anenomfish, leaf fish, sea snakes, octopus, flat worms and nudibranchs, blue ribbon eels, turtles and so much more. We saw a Bronze Whaler Shark hunting and taking prey. The currents are strong and changing in the Somosomo Strait and not for the faint hearted diver. A higher level of physical fitness and advanced dive training are best from our experience. In this issue, we present an advanced workout for diving and hiking. The island of Taveuni is picturesque with rocky shores, waterfalls, and exotic flowers and fruits growing everywhere. Hiking the Lavena Coastal Trek is a great way to enjoy a no-fly day. Part of the Vanua Levu group the views from Taveuni embrace South Pacific islands, shades of blue water, sandy beaches and clear sunrises and sunsets. Taveuni is an adventure into culture as well. We went to Taveuni for the diving and fell in love with the people. Fijian islanders of Taveuni live close to the land and the sea. BULA is a Fijian word used for greetings and means LIFE! A blessing of health and happiness.


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