FitDiver® Magazine June 2016 - Page 28

Chest Fly with Bridge

Chest Fly with Bridge

Begin in the chest fly with bridge starting position as shown. Pull in on the bel1y button contracting the abdominals. Contract the glutes (buttocks). Inhale deeply through the nose while simultaneously lowering the arms out to the side and the hips toward the mat, until the elbows and bottom are about an inch off the mat. Exhale through the mouth while contracting the abdominals and raising the hips and arms, returning to the fly bridge starting position. Repeat for one minute. Proper form for the chest fly portion of this movement at the bottom is for the hands to be outside the elbows with the arms slightly curved. Raise the arms as if reaching around a barrel bringing the hands together at the top.

Tabletop Triceps Extension

with Abdominal Contraction

Begin in the tabletop starting position as shown. Press the low back into the mat and pull in on the belIy button contacting the abdominals. Inhale deeply through the nose.