FitDiver® Magazine June 2016 - Page 27


Air Chair with Cable Row

Begin by wrapping one or more exercise bands around a tree, pole or piece of exercise equipment. Stand with the feet slightly in front of the hips with arms extended holding onto the handles of the exercise bands as shown. Notice the hip, knee and elbow joints are slightly flexed and the shoulders are slightly retracted to resist the bands. Pull in on the belly button contracting the abdominals. Inhale deeply through the nose while simultaneously sitting back into the air chair position and pulling on the exercise bands. Bend the knee, hip and elbow joints until rlght angles are achieved at each joint and the ankles. This is the equivalent of a squat and the knees should always be behind the toes (ideally over the ankle). The elbows stay close to the body alongside the waist. Exhale through the mouth while simultaneously contracting the glutes, and extending the knee, hip and elbow joints returning to the air chair with row starting position. Repeat for one minute.