FitDiver® Magazine June 2016 - Page 26

Pull in and contract the abdominals and extend the spine to stand tall. Inhale deeply through the nose while simultaneously lowering the body and raising the weights. Bend the knee, hip, ankle and elbow joints as close as possible to right angles. This is the equivalent of a squat and the knees should always be behind the toes (ideally over the ankle). The elbows stay close to the body alongside the waist. Exhale through the mouth while simultaneously contracting the glutes, and extending the knee, hip, elbows and ankle joints returning to the starting position. Repeat for one minute in this position, then switch legs front-to-back and repeat for another minute.

Precaution: Never continue to perform this exercise with your front knee in front of your shoe laces or your hips behind your back knee. STOP and reposition. This exercise can be challenging for some. You may eliminate the biceps curl and/or the weight, and hold onto the back of a park bench to master the split stance squat before trying the full combination.


Air Chair with Cable Row