FitDiver® Magazine June 2016 - Page 25

Split Stance Squat

with Biceps Curl



Wde Stance Squat with

Overhed Fly and Calf Raise

Stand in a wide leg stance. Position arms out to the side at shoulder height with palms up. Before starting the movement, look down to check that your hips, knees and toes are aligned. Inhale deeply through the nose while sitting back with the bottom and simultaneously raising arms in the upward direction of choice. In the lower

position, the knee, hip and ankle joints are as close as possible to right angles, as shown. Once in the lower position, lift and lower the heels rising up onto the toes into a quick but deliberate calf raise. At the bottom of the squat, squeeze your glutes (buttocks). Reverse the direction of the squat and arms while exhaling through the mouth on the way up. Repeat for one minute.

Note: Do not lock out your knees at the top of the range of motion. Always look up not down when performing a squat. Sometimes it is helpful to imagine a chair or bench that is too far behind you and reach for it when performing the squat.

Split Stance Squat with

Biceps Curl

Stand in an extended stride position with feet about hip width apart, one foot in front and one foot behind the body as shown. Arms are positioned alongside the body as shown.