FitDiver® Magazine June 2016 - Page 24

This workout is the ScubaFit® method of timed intervals for both aerobic exercise and resistance training. It is described as set of waves rolling into the beach. Each wave consists of five minutes of aerobic exercise followed by five, one-minute exercises. Start by completing one or two waves of aerobic exercise and resistance training. Gradually add additional waves until four waves can be completed in 60 minutes. Perform one or two aerboic waves in the your 70% heart rate training zone and one or two in your 80% heart rate training zone In addition to preparing for diving in Taveuni, these exercises help divers gain strength and conditioning for hiking, and look great in a wetsuit.

Warm Up

Begin the workout with a warm-up of five minutes on aerobic fitness equipment of choice. Treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals are readily available options. Anything from walking to jumping rope outdoors is great too.

Five Exercises

The exercises in this workout are combinations of major muscle groups involving the total body with each movement. When we dive our entire body is involved. At depth our core is stabilizing while our legs fin kick and our arms perform various tasks. On the surface, we may be treading water, floating, climbing ladders, back rolling or striding into the water, holding a safety line or putting on and removing fins, and entering and exiting through the surf and sand or rocks. On the boat or dry land, we are under the weight of gear engaging all muscles of the body. Mental acuity, coordination and overall confidence in movemment is improved with these efficiently combined exercises for diving and life.



Wide Stance Squat with Overhead Fly and Calves

Biceps Curl