Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3905 Feb 14-28 - Page 23

FRESHWATER VOL.39 • ISS. 5 FRESHWATER REPORTS: cont. For the trout derby, the lake will be planted with 1000 pounds of larger trophy size rainbows on April 4 and 500 pounds of larger trophy size rainbows on April 5. To see the plant schedule, go to: https:// listing/rancho-seco-recreational-area. Anglers are now picking up rainbows while tossing out PowerBait, Mice Tails, nightcrawlers, Kastmasters and other lures. Florida-strain largemouth bass, redear sunfish, crappie and bluegill are also available for anglers on the lake. Anglers nail the bass while using Huddleston and other rainbow trout swimbaits, crankbaits, Senkos, swimbaits, plastic worms, spinnerbaits and jigs. For redear sunfish, crappie and bluegill, anglers should fish small jigs, redworms and mealworms around structure and weedbeds. Rancho Seco Recreational Area is a 400-acre park overflowing with recreational opportunities including camping, boating, fishing, swimming and wildlife viewing. For more information, call 209-748-2318. - Dan Bacher REDDING/RED BLUFF Sacramento Kicks Out Trout To 24 Inches REDDING - The section of the Sacramento River from Keswick Dam down to Anderson Park has been providing incredible winter rainbow trout fishing. The average day on the water with a guide produces 25 to 50 fish and those fish range from 14 to 24 inches and 5 pounds on the large end. Gear anglers are using a variety of egg and smolt imitating offerings such as cured roe, beads, puff balls, glo bugs and wee Dick Nite Spoons. A combination of back trolling and side drifting is working for the gear heads. If you’d like a crack at some wild rainbows in the Redding area with conventional gear, give Robert Weese of Northern California Guide Service or Mike Bogue of Mike Bogue’s Guide Service a call. They are two of the best sticks on the river and will work hard to get you fish. To visit Channing pulled this huge trout out of Collins Lake during a recent bank fishing mission. Photo courtesy of the COLLINS LAKE RECREATION AREA, Oregon House. contact Weese, call (530) 755-7196. To reach Mike Bogue, dial (530) 246-8457. On the fly fishing front, The Fly Shop reports steady flows and happy anglers. Most of the trout are coming on a variety of mayfly and caddis fly nymph imitations, but there are still some late arriving salmon spawning. If you spot spawners toss egg imitations down current of them and hang on! A fter years of design, testing, adjustments and more testing, the Arashi Glide Bait delivers a fine-tuned, consistent, stable glide action at every speed. Developed to sink slowly in a slight head down position, the Arashi Glide Bait responds to the slightest line movement. Swimming in an exaggerated “S” action that piques interest of large predators, a quick snap of the rod tip turns the AGB 180 degrees, triggering strikes from year round! CAMPING Mid Week Camping Special! Your 2nd Night is FREE! CALL 866.763.5121 Camp one night at Lake Camanche and receive your second night free. Offer must be redeemed by calling (866) 763-5121 and mentioning promo code FS14 at the time of booking. offer not redeemeable online. Not valid on weekend, holidays, full hook-up RV sites or for cottage stays. Supplemental fees may apply. RIO VISTA Boaters Target Stripers with Glide Baits RIO VISTA – Alan Fong of the Fishermen’s Warehouse in Sacramento was back on the water - and he took Warren Trumbly of San Jose out with him to Liberty Island. SACRAMENTO AREA Fishing in the City in Full Swing SACRAMENTO –The CDFW Fishing in the City program is conducting its winter trout plants and fishing clinics in the Sacramento area, bringing the trout to the neighborhood. The next clinic will be on Saturday, February 8 from 8 am to noon at the Howe Community Park, cosponsored by the Fulton-El Camino Recreation District. CONTINUED ON PG 22 Go Big With the Arashi Series of Glide Baits! LAKE CAMANCHE World-Class Trout & Bass Fishing, 2 for 1 21 He said, “We fished flooded Liberty island in 2 to 3 feet of water with glide baits. It was a perfect day over cast with light rain and 5 mph wind. The water is 47 degrees and stained on outgoing, but it clears up on incoming tide. We had two triples and lots doubles, landing over 30 stripers to 14 pounds on glide baits. We caught three stripers in the 12- to 14-pound range, but you had to ‘dead- stick’ the glidebaits in the cold water. “There were no giants on this trip, but it is going to happen soon. My nephew, Michael ‘Bubs’ Fong, was out there on Saturday on his kayak, and the water warmed up to the 51/52-degree range. He threw huge Megabass Megadog topwater lures all day long, and he released a 23-pound striper and lost another over 30 pounds at the side of the kayak,” noted Fong. “The grass is gone, and we could see down 6-inches on the low tide, but it cleared up to 3 feet of visibility on the high tide. I threw that big Megadog in the colder water earlier in the week without results, but I am going back out this week,” Fong concluded. - Dave Hurley CONTINUED FROM PG 19 RANCHO SECO LAKE Feb 14 - 28, 2020 LAKE CAMANCHE’S AMENITIES • Guaranteed Weekly Fish plants (OCT. - MAY) • Boat Rentals • Lodging Available • Stores, Cafe & Marina Grill • Courtesy Launch Ramps on both North & South Shores • RV Sites w/ Full Hookups (LONG & SHORT TERM) 3805 followers. Controlled sink rate provides the angler increased control of swimming depth keeping the Arashi Glide Bait in the strike zone longer. Versatile action, triple-pin hinge construction merged with swiveling hooks for reduced leverage and just the right color patterns result in an unbeatable masterpiece of lure design. The Arashi Glide swims with extremely stable action to easily create different actions with multiple retrieve methods. Slow sinking creates a longer glide while giving angler increased control of swimming depth, keeping lure from rapidly dropping out of the strike zone. Swiveling hooks increase catch ratio by eliminating a fish’s leverage against lure body during the fight. Premium colors and finishes precisely match regional prey, with attractor options that are unmatched in drawing a strike by arousing the aggression response. For more go to