Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3902 Jan 3-17 - Page 4

2 Jan 3-17, 2020 “When I am fishing a frog or flipping matted vegetation, I am throwing the new X-TCB 8 Carrier Braided Line form P-Line. It is critical to be stealthy with both techniques, and with P-line’s new braid, you can make longer casts and it is ultra quiet com- ing through the grass.” – Bass Pro Bryan Thrift PRO’S POINTER GO FOR IT! VOL.39 • ISS. 2 HOT BITES... 1. LAKE CAMANCHE TROUT… Trollers and bank anglers are hooking rainbows up to 6 lbs. PowerBait works for bankies, while Rapalas are the ticket for trollers. 2. SAN PABLO STURGEON… Sturgeon are being caught on the mudflats. Grass shrimp, ghost shrimp, pile worms and eel are the baits to have. 3. FOLSOM TROUT… Trollers working the surface to 30 feet deep are hooking trout to 20 inches. Rapalas trolled fast some days, other days rigged worms trolled slow are the answer. 4. UMPQUA STEEL… It’s steelhead time on the Umpqua and fish to 18 lbs. have been landed. Plunkers are soaking roe, while drift boaters side drift with roe. GOOD BETS… 5. LOS VAQUEROS ‘BOWS… Trouters are scoring limits while fishing from the bank. Orange or Rainbow PowerBait are the top offerings for rainbows to 7 lbs. IT ALL ADDS UP 6. HALF MOON BAY PERCH… Gulp! sandworms and grubs along with pile worms and grass shrimp are drawing strikes. Most of the fish are in the 1lb class. TO MORE FISH IN THE BOAT. 7. TRINITY RIVER STEELHEAD… The water is cold, but there are willing steelhead to 6 lbs. in the system. Back trolled crankbaits are drawing the most strikes. 8. CHABOT TROUT…Bank anglers are nailing limits and near limits of rainbows to 5 pounds. PowerBait works best but inflated worms and Kastmasters hook fish too. SLEEPERS… 9. SUISUN BAY STURGEON… Sturgeon are on a solid bite. Salmon Roe and eel are the best baits, but some anglers are scoring with shrimp too. 10. TAHOE MACKS… Mackinaw to 7lbs. are cooperating with trollers. Minnows teamed with dodgers work best when trolled from 110 to 220 feet deep. 11. SACRAMENTO RIVER TROUT… The winter wild rainbow bite is rolling forward when the river isn’t muddy. Fly guys are using egg imitations for fish to 24 inches. 12. Scott Martin P-Line Pro-Staffer ~ 8-Time FLW Tour Winner SHADOW CLIFFS TROUT … Trouters are scoring limits while fishing from the docks. RainbowPower Bait is the top offering for rainbows that run up to 6lbs. COMING SOON... 13. SAN PABLO NTAC... The Northern California Trout Angler’s Challenge tour will visit San Pablo Reservoir on February 8. 14. MELONES BANK TROUT… January and February are great months to bank fish New Melones Reservoir. The trout will be concentrated along the banks. P-LINE TACTICAL FLUOROCARBON Show up prepared for the battle: smoother, more sensitive, improved knot strength, stronger, and unmatched abrasion resistance. 15. LAKE PARDEE NTAC... The Northern California Trout Angler’s Challenge tour will visit San Pablo Reservoir on March 14. P-LINE X-BRAID Delivers superior abrasion resistance, longer casts, vibration reduction and a near zero stretch factor for unparalleled power. 16. COLUSA STRIPERS… With a good amount of rain and snow falling this winter, epic spring striper action should be on tap this April. P-Line Fihssniffer-Aug18.indd 1 8/6/18 9:10 AM