Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3719 Aug 31- Sept 14 - Page 9

VOL.37 • ISS. 19 9 Aug 31 - Sept 7, 2018 Spotlight On Kayak Fishing... Sponsered by Kayak City in Citrus Heights, CA Kayak City.Com 916.565.1400 Kayaking for Albion Kings! By Savanna Maddox, Kayak City Fishing Team It was an event my boyfriend, Matt, and I had been looking forward to since last year, an event more than 120 anglers did as well…The annual kayak fishing Albion Open. As first light glanced onto the valleys surrounding our route, we sped west to keep up with the receding, morning fog. After winding roads along Highway 128 we noticed the tall, wooden truss bridge that landmarks Albion and its fruitful coastline. We crossed the bridge and saw the palette of colors from kayaks on both land and sea. After checking into camp, we checked on fellow anglers. The salmon bite was on! Many two fish limits of salmon and many singles were brought in early that morning. Savanna and Matt caught their first ever ocean kings while fishing from kayaks during the annual Albion Open Kayak Tournament. Conditions were getting rough on Photo courtesy of SAVANNA MADDOX, Kayak City Fishing Team. the ocean and many anglers called it a day. We decided to head out on Hobie kayaks to see what we were passed and we considered heading further west, but then I felt a sudden tug on in for. my rod. I snapped the rod back. It was a fight but I could tell it wasn’t a monster. Large mixed swells at short periods I reeled it in and saw silver gleam through the water. Keeping the line taught challenged my stability, attention, and with the shaking fish, I landed it, a beautiful, ocean Chinook salmon. Less than sanity. The grey clouds loomed among Some anglers scored limits of salmon ten minutes later, Matt caught one while fishing offshore of Albion. us and the wind grazed mist across of his own. Photo courtesy of DYLAN TAUBE. my face. After tolling for an hour, we We headed in after trolling for a headed in. No salmon! few more hours. Our kings were The next morning, we headed out again. It was tournament day, a day to small in comparison to many of catch the biggest lingcod, cabezon, and rockfish in order to take home a the large salmon being pulled brand-new Oce