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28 Aug 31 - Sept 7 , 2018 VOL . 37 • ISS . 19


Tips for Better Buzzbait Success

Nothing is more exciting than a vicious top water strike and buzzbaits have a well-deserved reputation for generating giant blowups and big bass . Buzzbaits have been around for a long time but with the flood of newer and flashier baits , buzzbaits have lost some of their luster in the eyes of many anglers . Northern California Bass Guide , Ron Gandolfi of Paradise relies on buzzbaits to put fish in the boat for his clients . Recently I made a trip with Gandolfi to Lake Oroville where we got on a good topwater bite and it was the buzzbait that took center stage . Just in time for some great fall topwater action , we share six quick tips for better buzzbait success .

Ron Gandolfi On Choosing The
Correct Buzzbait “ Buzzbaits work great in all types of water ,” explains Gandolfi . “ I think it is the noise factor that draws so much attention . Whether it is around matted vegetation or tules or clean water you can fish buzzbaits in all types of water , it is such a universal bait .” In clear water Gandolfi relies on a ½ oz white Persuader American buzzbait in the blade in blade or clacker style blade . Both these blade styles produce a subtle sound . If there are a lot of bait fish around , he likes to add a plastic swimbait such as a Keitech as a trailer . When the water is stained or muddy , Gandolfi switches to a chartreuse Persuader Double Buzz in chartreuse and in low light conditions he favors darker colors like a combination of black and red . The two side by side counter rotating blades make the Double Buzz a noisy flashy bait that draws a lot of attention from aggressive bass .
Presentation Matters As with any bait , the proper presentation creates more opportunities for success . When target fishing with buzzbaits , casting accuracy is extremely important . When possible , cast past the target and make sure the bait is up and running as it enters the strike zone . Also , it is important to get the bait up and running on the surface the instant the bait hits the water . “ By throwing the buzzbait properly and to the right spot , the success rate will be
much higher ,” advises Gandolfi .
Attention To Detail Retrieve speed depends on how active the fish are . Generally speaking , the warmer the water temperature means that the fish will be more active . “ If you are getting bumped quite a lot , it probably is because you are not going fast enough ,” explains Gandolfi . “ A good tip is to add a trailer hook and speed the bait up a bit .”
Fall Fishing While it is true that buzzbaits take their share of summer time bass , don ’ t put your buzzbaits away when summer gives way to fall . Fall brings about shorter days and cooling water temperatures . Weed growth that flourished during the heat of the summer begins to thin out as bass aggressively put the feedbag on in preparation for winter . This combination of events can set the stage for some of the best buzzbait opportunities of the entire year . Once the water temperature into the low 50 ’ s the buzzbait bite goes away .
Positive Connections When bass are less aggressive , they have a tendency to swipe at a buzzbait without getting the hook . As such I always use a trailer hook when fishing a buzzbait . I thread a 3 / 0 Gamakatsu trailer hook over the buzzbaits main hook and fasten it with a short piece of the supplied rubber tubing . When fishing open water , I will substitute a size 2 Gamakatsu treble for
Regardless of where you find them , the bass will respond to a two worm dropshot rig armed with shad colored plastic worms .
Lake Shasta is currently 60 feet from the top and dropping 6 inches per day .
There was a lot of fire damage at Whiskeytown Reservoir , so fishing reports have been few and far between . Prior to the fire the kokanee bite was good for fish to 18 inches . Hopefully anglers will get another shot at these fish before the season ends .
Spectacular Kokanee Fishing Excites Anglers
TRUCKEE – Kokanee salmon fishing at Stampede is “ nothing short of spectacular
This big salmon came knocking during an early August trip on the Sacramento River with Captain Monte Smith .
Photo courtesy of GOLD COUNTRY SPORTFISHING , Oakdale .
the traditional single hook . This works especially well for both smallmouths and
right now ,” reported James Netzel of Tight Lines Guide Servive .
“ Big , round , football shaped kokes to over 17 ” are being caught ,” said Netzel . “ In fact we had boat limits of these beauties by 8 am on Friday , August 17 . “ It ’ s kind of hard to play catch and release with fish of this quality .”
On the following day , Netzel reported , “ Another day catching big lokanee at Stampede !! I scheduled a wife and friend outing today and we had a blast . No pressure .“
“ Paulina Peak Tackle Clown and Watermelon micro hoochies and green Dream spinners were the thot lures ,” he noted . “ So the hot color is and has been pink and green , pink and green , and pink and green . We had oat limits early and the eagles flew about 10 ’ from the boat today . Just makes one feel like shouting AMERICA !”
- Dan Bacher
Lake Trout And Kokanee Bite !
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE - Late summer anglers that visit Lake Tahoe are doing pretty well . Both mackinaw and kokanee
spotted bass which have a tendency to slash at the bait .
28 Aug 31 - Sept 7, 2018 FRESHWATER VOL.37 • ISS. 19 FRESHWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PG 23 SHASTA LAKE cont. Regardless of where you find them, the bass will respond to a two worm dropshot rig armed with shad colored plastic worms. Lake Shasta is currently 60 feet from the top and dropping 6 inches per day. There was a lot of fire damage at Whis WFv&W6W'f"6f6r&W'G0fR&VVfWrBf"&WGvVV&"FFRf&RFRVR&FRv2vBf f6F6W2VgVǒvW'2vvWBFW"6BBFW6Rf6&Vf&RFP6V6VG25DTDR$U4U%d &vBr( &W'FVBW2WGVbFv@ƖW2wVFR6W'ffR( &r&VBfF&6VBW2FfW"~( &R&Vr6VvB( 6BWGV( Ėf7BvRB&BƖ֗G2bFW6P&VWFW2'g&FVwW7Br( ėN( 2Bb&BF6F6B&VV6PvFf6bF2VƗG( ФFRfvrFWGV&W'FVB( FW"F6F6r&rVR@7FVFR66VGVVBvfRBg&V@WFrFFBvRB&7B&W77W&R( ( VƖVF6R6v@vFW&V֖7&6W2Bw&VVG&V7W'2vW&RFRFBW&W2( PFVB( 6FRB6"2B2&VVBw&VVBw&VVB氦Bw&VVvRBBƖ֗G2V&ǒ@FRVvW2fWr&WB( g&FR&@FFW7BW2RfVVƖR6WFpU$4( РF&6W 7V7F7V"VRf6pW6FW2vW'0E%T4TR( 2VR6f6r@7FVFR2( Fr6'Bb7V7F7V F2&r66R6rGW&rV&ǒVwW7BG&FR67&VF&fW"vF6FFR6֗FF6W'FW7btB4TE%5%Dd4rFR$52d4r5DĔt@DPRG&WBBVR&FR4UDRDRFR7VW vW'2FBf6BRFR&RFp&WGGvV&F6rBVP4DTTBr#P'&fpF2f"&WGFW"'W&B7V66W70Fr2&RW6FrFf6W2FvFW"7G&R@'W&G2fRvVFW6W'fVB&WWFЧFf"vVW&FrvB&wW2B&p&72'W&G2fR&VV&VBf"rFR'WBvFFRfBbWvW"@f6W"&G2'W&G2fR7B6R`FV"W7FW"FRWW2bvW'2'FW&6Ɩf&&72wVFR&vFfb&F6R&VƖW2'W&G0FWBf6FR&Bf"26ƖVG2&V6VFǒFRG&vFvFfFR&fRvW&RvRvBv@FvFW"&FRBBv2FR'W&BF@F6VFW"7FvRW7BFRf"6Pw&VBfFvFW"7FvR6&R6V6F2f"&WGFW"'W&B7V66W72&vFf66rFP6'&V7B'W&@( 'W&G2v&w&VBGW2`vFW"( W2vFf( ĒFB2FP6Rf7F"FBG&w26V6GFVFvWFW"B2&VBGFVBfVvWFF GVW2"6VvFW"R6f6'W&G0GW2bvFW"B27V6VfW'6&B( Ф6V"vFW"vFf&VƖW2 +vFRW'7VFW"W&6'W&BFP&FR&FR"66W"7GR&FR&FFW6R&FR7GW2&GV6R7V'FR6VBखbFW&R&RBb&Bf6&VBPƖW2FFB7F27v&B7V62VFV62G&W"vVFRvFW"27FVB"VFGvFf7vF6W2F6'G&WW6PW'7VFW"FV&R'W6'G&WW6R@rƖvB6FF2Rff'2F&W 6'2ƖR6&Fb&6@&VBFRGv6FR'6FR6VFW"&FFp&FW2RFRFV&R'W7f6&BFBG&w2BbGFVFg&vw&W76fR&72&W6VFFGFW'02vF&BFR&W"&W6VFF7&VFW2&R'GVFW2f"7V66W72vVF&vWBf6rvF'W&G267Fr67W&72WG&VVǒ'FBvV76&R67B7BFRF&vWB@R7W&RFR&B2WB'Vr2@VFW'2FR7G&RR6B2'F@FvWBFR&BWB'VrFP7W&f6RFR7FBFR&BG2FRvFW"( 'F&vrFR'W&B&W&ǒ@FFR&vB7BFR7V66W72&FRv&PV6vW"( Gf6W2vFfGFVFFFWF&WG&WfR7VVBFWVG2r7FfPFRf6&RvVW&ǒ7VrFPv&W"FRvFW"FVW&GW&RV2F@FRf6v&R&R7FfR( ĖbR&PvWGFr'VVBVFRBB&&&ǒ0&V6W6RR&RBvrf7BVVv( ЦW2vFf( vBF2FFBG&W"B7VVBFR&BW&B( Фff6pvRB2G'VRFB'W&G2FRFV 6&Rb7VW"FR&72F( BWBW 'W&G2vvV7VW"vfW2vFff'&w2&WB6'FW"F2@6ƖrvFW"FVW&GW&W2vVVBw&wFFBfW&6V@GW&rFRVB`FR7VW"&Vv0FFWB2&70vw&W76fVǒWBFPfVVF&r&WЧ&Ff"vFW"F26&FbWfVG266WBFP7FvRf"6RbFP&W7B'W&B"ЧGVFW2bFRVF&PV"6RFRvFW FVW&GW&RFFPrS( 2FR'W&@&FRvW2v6FfP6V7F0vV&72&PW72vw&W76fRFWfRFVFV7F7vRB'W&@vFWBvWGFrFP27V6v2W6RG&W vVf6p'W&BF&V@2vG7PG&W"fW FR'W&G2আBf7FV@vF6'BV6R`FR7WƖVB'V&&W GV&rvVf6pVvFW"v7V'7FGWFR6R vG7RG&V&Rf FRG&FF6vRF2v&0W7V6ǒvVf"&F6WF2@7GFVB&72v6fRFVFV7F66BFR&B