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Aug 31 - Sept 7 , 2018
San Jose Angler Reels In 20 Lb . Striped Bass
BYRON – Most of the stripers being landed at Los Vaqueros are smaller keepers or shakers , but Nico De Cagele from San Jose caught a 20.64 lb . striper this August . He was fishing an anchovy from Oak Point .
“ Bank anglers are catching a lot of limits of stripers averaging 20 inches each , as well as releasing many undersized fish ,” said Rony Garber of the Los Vaqueros Lake Marina . “ Anglers are doing best fishing with cut anchovies in Cowboy Cove . We haven ’ t rented many boats out lately because of the wind .”
Channel catfish action is also good . Anglers are tossing out anchovies , chicken liver and mackerel in the South Cove and Cowboy Cove . Most of the catfish are quality ones averaging 5 pounds each .
Most of the fish are from the 5,000 lb . catfish plant that went into the reservoir in late May or the more recent plant of 2,000 pounds of cats in August .
Trout fishing is just fair now with the warm weather . “ We ’ re seeing mostly smaller fish and not many limits ,” she said . Shore anglers are tossing out PowerBait , nightcrawlers and Kastmasters in Cowboy Cove .
The reservoir is currently holding 153,000 acre feet of water . Filling has stopped for the summer . The water temperature has heated up to 72 degrees .
If you are looking to rent a boat , it is a good idea to call ahead to check current wind conditions at ( 925 ) 371-2628 or check the weather conditions .
- Dan Bacher
you hook a large trout . There was a time when 4-pound test was my line of choice , but these days I mostly use 6 pound and I haven ’ t noticed a decline in the number of fish I catch . I keep all my terminal bank fishing gear and lures in a single plastic compartment box and never find myself wanting for anything . Bait fishing is the corner stone of bank fishing success , so let ’ s start there . The most effective offering for trout most of the time is a bait that floats up off the bottom . For presenting these types of baits nothing works as well as a simple sliding sinker rig . To set one up you ’ ll need ¼ ounce egg or bullet weights , some small swivels , a spool of 6 or 8 pound test fluorocarbon leader material , a selection of No . 8 and 10 octopus and baitholder style hooks and some 1 / 8 inch plastic beads . Take your main line and pass it through a sinker , slide on a bead and then tie on a swivel . To the swivel attach 18 to 24 inches of leader material and tie on a hook . At this point you ’ re ready to bait up . For using Power Bait or salmon eggs teamed with marshmallows , I go with octopus hooks . When using inflated night crawlers or baby ‘ crawlers , my favorite all time bait , I lean towards bait holders . Don ’ t forget to pick up a “ worm blower ”! In terms of lures , you want to carry a selection of both spoons and spinners , but you don ’ t need a bunch of either . For spoons models that cast well such as Kastmasters , Cripplures and Krocodiles are great choices . Everyone seems to have their preferred line of spinners . I like models from Panther Martins and Rooster Tail . Spoons and spinners come in a wide range of colors . The basic must have colors are brass , chrome , brass / red or orange , chrome / green or blue and a bright color like firetiger .
Downrigger Trollers Nail Kokanee , Husky Rainbows
ANGELS CAMP – Kokanee salmon are rewarding boaters trolling deep at New Melones Reservoir , but don ’ t expect a fast bite .
“ We have landed quite a few nice , fat kokanee within the past two weeks , and although it has been quite smoky from the fires , once you find the kokanee , they have been on a good bite ,” advised Gary Burns of Take It To the Limit Guide Service . “ We have been fishing structure , and if you find an island top in 100 feet of water , this is where the kokanee are hanging out . We have been putting in our time on the main lake at depths from 76 to 92 feet with hoochies in pink and purple with a small gold spinner blade matched up with a gold dodger . It ’ s not a fast bite so don ’ t give up and stay on it .”
Quality rainbows to 6.35 pounds continue to be caught by patient downrigger trollers . but the fish are holding deeper in the water column from 58 to 85 feet .
Saul San Filipo of San Carlos was trolling blade /’ crawler combinations at 75 feet near the Highway 49 Bridge when he bagged two rainbow trout weighing 3.6 and 2.5 pounds .
Chuck Newcomb also landed a combined five fish limit of two rainbows and three kokanee between the spillway and the dam while trolling with a green Uncle Larry ’ s spinner behind a rainbow flasher He hooked the trout at 30 feet and the kokanee from 80 to 90 feet . Trophy black bass are showing in the
In addition to metal lures you might want to include a couple small count down Yo-Zuri L Minnows or Countdown Rapalas in minnow or rainbow trout colors . These lures cast well and like your metal offerings can be counted down to cover a range of depths . In addition to terminal gear and a selection of Power Bait , salmon eggs and a pack of worms your pack should include some drinking water , a stringer , knife , pliers and snacks . Okay your rods are ready for action and you ’ ve donned your pack , what ’ s the fishing strategy ? When fishing from the bank you won ’ t have sonar to locate fish , so you ’ ve got to read the terrain to pinpoint areas where you are likely to find trout . Over the years , I ’ ve found features like points , narrows , steep banks adjacent to flats and inflowing tributaries to all be excellent producers . Basically , you ’ re looking for changes in terrain or any feature that can concentrate fish . When you walk up to a perspective hot

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Waylon hit the Sacramento River out of the Verona Marina in mid-August and landed his first ever king salmon . The fished weighed 23 lbs .
Photo courtesy of the VERONA MARINA , Verona .
catches at the reservoir now . “ The dog days of summer are here , but they should be called the hog days of summer as we are catching some big ol ’ bass ,” said John Liechty of Xperience Bass Fishing Guide Service . “ The fish are cooperating and the bite continues to be really good . I have been guiding morning trips , evening trips and even all-nighters .
“ Each morning we have been starting with topwater lures and swimbaits ,

HOW TO By Cal Kellogg continued from page 15

spot , rig up one rod with bait , cast it in and prop it up . I like to take a small bobber and hang it on the line between the guides of the rod . At that point , I pull about 3 feet of line out of the reel to allow the bobber to hang below the rod . This gives the trout some slack to take the bait without feeling resistance and the bobber serves as a strike indicator . While your bait soaks , rig the other rod up with a lure and start fan casting . Work the surface water first and then start counting the lure down to work the water column . Typically , I give a spot 30 minutes to produce some action . If nothing turns up , I pack up my gear and burn shoe leather to the next potential hotspot .
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3624 and after the sun comes up , we will switch to reaction baits and finesse presentations . In the evening , we will we reverse this order . The nighttime bite can be exceptional and is a great way to avoid the summer heat . Lures and presentations that displace water and create sound and vibration will work best ,” he stated .
“ The lake is extremely healthy and the water is dropping slowly in comparison to years past ,” Liechty emphasized .
“ Glory Hole Sports annual catfish contest is on the horizon ,” added Hildebrand . “ This year we are holding the contest in the month of October ( AKA large catfish month ). We will be holding signups starting in September .”
“ Catfish are coming out at night ,” he tipped . “ Drop a line with some cutbait , hang a bell on the end of your pole and go fish . Tuttletown coves and by the dam have been good places to fish cats .”
New Melones has dropped to 77 percent of capacity .
Trollers Battle Quality Landlocked Kings
OROVILLE – While salmon fishing on the Sacramento and Feather rivers and the ocean is drawing the attention of most anglers , you also have a great chance to hook landlocked Chinook salmon on Lake Oroville .
On his last trip to Oroville before he started focusing on salmon fishing on the Feather and Sacramento , Rob Reimers of Rustic Rob ’ s Guide Service reported limitstyle action His two clients landed limits of kings ranging from 18 to 22 inch long .
“ We caught the fish wile trolling with Brad ’ s Kokanee Series Cut Plugs at 50 to 55 feet deep near the Bidwell Canyon Bridge ,” advised Reimers .
A typical late summer bass bite continues at Oroville , with the majority of the fish being smaller spotted bass in the 12 to 14 inch range . The larger fish are few and far between . Boaters should throw top water lures off the main lake points early and late in the day and then drop shot with Robo Worms and other plastics in deep water during the day .
Lake Oroville is holding 7,786,780 acre feet of water , 51 percent of capacity and 72 percent of average .
- Dan Bacher

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