Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3719 Aug 31- Sept 14 - Page 16

16 Aug 31 - Sept 7, 2018 VOL.37 • ISS. 19 OFFICIAL SPONSOR FISHING WITH ROOSTER TAIL SPINNERS IS EASY AND PRODUCTIVE ® I Rooster Tail Spinners Catch Trout! by Cal Kellogg bought my first Rooster Tails when I was 12 years old and quickly landed a bunch of big small- mouth bass on them including a 6 pound fish. And of course I’ve caught CAST AND RETRIEVE Without a doubt, the most popular way to fish a Rooster Tail is to employ the cast-and-retrieve method. It’s so easy, just tie a Rooster Tail on the end of your line, cast into a lake or stream and reel/ retrieve your spinner back to you. In lakes, most anglers searching for fish, cast-and-retrieve spinners while working their way along the shoreline or from a drifting boat. The m