Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3719 Aug 31- Sept 14 - Page 10

10 Aug 31 - Sept 7, 2018 W VOL.37 • ISS. 19 Silhouette, Vibration and Erratic Action: That’s How You Tickle The Fancy Of Trout & Salmon! by Cal Kellogg hat are the characteristics of the most consistently productive trolling lures for trout and landlocked salmon? I’ve spent thousands of hours trolling for trout and salmon over the course of my fishing career and I’ve had the privilege of fishing with some of the best guides and anglers on the West Coast. Based on what I’ve seen the best lures offer vibration, erratic, unpredictable or “skip beat” action and a baitfish like silhouette… The Apex Trolling Lure meets all these criteria and as a result it The Way To Fish ® is one of my go to trolling baits. Apex Lures are manufactured by the Hot Spot Company. Hot Spot is a top manufacturer of ocean salmon fishing gear and the original generation of Apex Lures were designed for ocean kings. These large Apex Lures ranging up to 6 ¼ inches remain a favorite of ocean salmon trollers. With large Apex Lures slaying ocean salmon, it’s not surprising that a member of the Hot Spot brain trust came up with the idea of offering smaller Apex Lures designed for trout and landlocked salmon. The end result of this thinking is the Apex Trout Killer Series and the Apex Kokanee Special Series. I run Apex Trout Killers more often then I run the kokanee version even when I’m chasing kokanee. The Apex Trout Killer comes in 1 and 1½ inch sizes and is offered in a bunch of different color patterns. Instead of double hooks like the kokanee version sports, the trout version has a single J-hook attached via a swivel and the hook eye also sports a small willow leaf “kicker” blade. Sometimes I leave the J-hook in place, but as often as not I swap it out for a pair of red Gamakatsu octopus hooks snelled on 12 pound fluorocarbon. Colors For trout and kings, I like to stick with standard baitfish colors to start with and then I’ll go brighter if the fish don’t respond. If I had to run only one color Apex it would be watermelon. When kokanee are on the menu I break out the pink and orange models in addition to my beloved watermelon. For more about Apex Lures, check them out on the web at www.hotspot- 1106B Depthpower Downrigger All the features you have come to love with our depthpower series. Now available with more options than ever. Equipped with 300 ft of 200 lb. test braided line. 36”-60” long, 1 1/4” dia. telescopic boom. Included, downrigger weight storage hook and sure-stop kit. Super Hi Vis! Fishing & Lures Ltd. Highly UV Reflective Lures! APEX LURES for BIG Trout & Kokanee 2500 Line Puller The ultimate crab and prawn trap pulling machine. This compact puller makes for easy stowing, and attaches directly to your existing Scotty downrigger mounts. Apex #094 Gracie Trout Killer 1” and 1 1/2” sizes Apex #308 Hot Pink Glow Kokanee Special 400 Orca Rod Holder The inner sleeve opens in one complete motion allowing your rod to be released in an instant. Your fishing rod is lifted straight out into the fish fighting position. Scotty Fishing & Outdoor Products SCOTTY.COM Aida Encarnation caught this beautiful rainbow on Lake Ontario on a 3 inch Apex! Apex Lures catch all species of trout and salmon 1” and 1 1/2” sizes 1-888-744-2739 Available in 7 sizes and over 50 finishes 3713