Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3616 July 21- August 4 2017 - Page 30

30 July 21 - August 4, 2017 BAJA ROUNDUP Vol. 36 - Iss. 16 Pg. 26 VOL.36 • ISS. 16 July 21 - August 4 2017 SEAL OF APPROVAL O ne of the best things about proaching the diameters of most 8 lb. the increasing use of the test monos, it was easy to see that an superbraid (PE) lines is the downsiz- updated, modern outfit like this would ing of tackle used for make rockfishing a whole lot catching an expanding easier.  And coincidentally, variety of fish. rockfish started fighting a whole Sure, there are the lot more! many freshwater bass This point of this article applications for the PE isn’t to sing the praises of new lines, but where it has fangled tackle (although it seems been having the great- that I have done just that), but to est influence has been contemplate the terminal tackle in the briny deep (and and its transportation. not so deep). Besides making catching It didn’t seem like rockfish a whole lot more fun, that long ago that by Steve the lighter tackle, with its non- the standard tackle stretchy, sensitive line, keeps “Hippo”Lau for rockfishing con- you from snagging as much as sisted of a rod and when using the old marlin gear. reel more suited for marlin and tuna Two to four ounce diamond jigs, five to fishing.  Stout boat rods capable of six inch rubber swimbaits on two ounce bouncing one pound lures and two heads, and the whole family of rock- pound weights were paired with the fish lures don’t take up a lot of space ever popular Penn 113H with the super anymore and the standard tackle box cool (at the time) Newell aluminum really isn’t up to the task in the harsh replacement spool. salt water environment of wet fog and If you were really into it, you could salt water spray. be converting that standard 113H into The best solution I have come up the narrower 113HN model. Loaded with utilizes one of those plastic .50 cal up with 40 lb. test line, this was the ammo cans. These utility boxes have a cat’s meow of an outfit. It is no wonder tight waterproof seal which is great for rockfish earned the reputation of “not keeping salt water spray, mist, and fog fighting much”. out of your Later on, as the law was amended to stuff.  Most of them come in dull cut off any water deeper than X number green or brown colors, but if you look of feet for catching rockfish, the outfit up “waterproof marine storage box” or was lightened up a bit so a less stout similar, you may find the exact same live bait rod and a Penn Jigmaster 500 box but in bright orange. filled with 30 lb. monofilament became Inside, for small terminal items such the combo of choice. as snaps, swivels, hooks, etc. I may use When the PE superbraids came on a small plastic compartment box, but to the market, it wasn’t long before Shi- everything else goes into  “Zip-Loc” mano introduced their Trevala jigging style plastic bags. You’ll be surprised rods to the American market. Matched how much “stuff” can fit into one of up with one of their Calcutta 400 or the .50 cal cans, and using this system, Curado 300 levelwind reels, these light washing everything out is a breeze and weight but powerful outfits looked rusting is kept to a minimum. more like overgrown bass rods. This is quite the bargain for under With the 30 lb. test PE lines ap- $20.00. SALTY TIPS A beautiful Beach Resort located half way between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, right on the Sea of Cortez Fish Baja’s East Cape at Martin verdugo’s Beach resort Cruiser Packages Include: Room for 4 nights, 5 days, 2 days of fishing, tackle, breakfast & lunch, 28 ft. supercruiser w/captain & mate Call Now For Information! 3203 Martin verdugo’s Beach resort Call Toll Free: (888) 567-8552 (949) 226-7169 Or 01152 624 141 0054 E mail: These monster grouper hit the deck of the Red Rooster III on July 1. Phot