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14 July 21 - August 4 , 2017 VOL . 36 • ISS . 16
LOS VAQUEROS RESERVOIR cont . undersized , with some 18 to 24 inch fish showing . Chicken liver and anchovies are producing stripers from the shoreline at the pier near the marina and from Oak Point towards South Cove .”
The reservoir is storing 152,578 acre-feet of water , 95 percent of its 160,000 acre-foot capacity . Pumping has stopped and the reservoir will slowly drop .
- Dan Bacher
Striped Bass Still Biting
VALLEY SPRINGS - Striped bass are starting to boil throughout the day with the arrival of hot weather at New Hogan Reservoir .
Trollers are picking up multiple linesides with frozen shad or anchovies on a harness-rig . Bank anglers are tossing ripbaits in the early mornings or evenings .
Using live sunfish or bluegill at New Hogan is illegal , and rangers have been citing for this violation . There is no size restriction for striped bass with a 10-fish daily limit .
- Dave Hurley
Big Rainbow Action Rated Hit And Miss
ANGELS CAMP - Fishing for big rainbow trout in the 3 to 5 lb . range has been hit and miss lately , probably due to increased boating pressure on New Melones with the summer heat .
A recent trip by Gary Burns of Take It To The Limit Guide Service produced 8 rainbows weighing a total of 23-12 pounds . The biggest weighed 5 pounds .
“ We caught the fish on kokanee gear , including pink and purple Apex lures behind RMT dodgers . The fish hit at 57 to 62 feet deep between the dam and Rose Island ,” he said .
On the next trip , the two anglers fishing with Burns landed six rainbows from 3 to 5 pounds while using the same gear in the same area .


Simply the best Kokanee Spinners for over 20 years . Always part of a winning kokanee tackle box ! Use the best , catch the best and the biggest ! www . unclelarryslures . com 831-755-5720

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“ On my latest trip , a scouting venture , we had five take downs and lost one fish , probably a kokanee ,” said Burns . “ The fishing should probably pick up when the inflows from the Stanislaus go down .”
Kokanee salmon fishing remains very slow at New Melones . “ The last kokanee I caught weighed 2 pounds , 7 ounces , but that was 3 weeks ago ,” he said . “ This year to date I ’ ve only landed a total of 3 kokanee and lost 7 fish .”
Terry reeled in five rainbow trout weighing between 2.7 and 3 pounds while trolling pink hoochies behind silver flashers above the Highway 49 , reported Gene Hildebrand of Glory Hole Sports .
Dave Hemphill landed a 3.4 lb . trout while trolling Uncle Larry ’ s firetiger spinners 40 feet behind blue and gold Sep ’ s Flashers between Rose Island and the spillway .
Catfish are being caught by anglers using chicken livers along the shoreline during the early morning hour . Will Cunningham of Vallecito fooled a 8.4 lb . channel catfish with chicken liver .
Bass fishing enthusiasts are finding the top action on plastic worms or jigs near the shorelines . A few hefty largemouths are hitting top water lures early and late in the day .
- Dan Bacher
Salmon Are Still Missing
OROVILLE – The landlocked king salmon are still missing in action at Lake Oroville , leading many anglers to believe that many or most of the fish were swept over the spillway during the huge flows this winter and spring during the spillway crisis .
“ I haven ’ t heard of any salmon being caught by any of the knowledgeable anglers I know ,” said Rob Reimers of Rustic Rob ’ s Guide Service . “ Nor have I heard of any of the 10,000 salmon planted in the Thermalito Afterbay last fall caught by fishermen either .”
Black bass remain a much better prospect . Anglers continue to catch and release a lot of spotted bass in the 12 to 15 inch class while fishing all over the lake .
Boaters can hook the larger fish while drop shotting with Robo Worms in morning dawn and MM111 patterns off points around 30 feet


deep . Expect to catch a lot of dinks along the shoreline throughout the day . Early and late in the day , anglers should try tossing out topwater lures , including Zara Spooks and Pop-Rs .
Lime Saddle Marina , Bidwell Canyon and Loafer
Creek launch ramps are all open as of now .
Lake Oroville is holding 2,336,44 acre-feet of water , 66 percent of capacity . The lake level is 66 percent of capacity , 80 percent of average .
3 Lb . Kokanee Leads Summer Catches
SACRAMENTO – Kokanee enthusiasts are experiencing ‘ fast and furious ” action on the landlocked sockeye salmon at Pardee in the early morning hours , but the bite slows down after 9 a . m , reported Alan Fong of Fisherman ’ s Warehouse .
“ Anglers are catching anywhere from 8 to 15 fish in the first few hours ,” said Fong . “ Some big fish are showing – my buddy , John Montana , landed 3 lb . kokanee on a recent trip to Pardee .”
Fong , his four-year-old grandson and Warren Trumbly boated 9 kokanee in the 15-1 / 2 to 17 inch range and three rainbows on Fong ’ s latest trolling adventure at Pardee .
They trolled with Radical Glow tubes and homemade Apex-style lures , tipped with white corn , in the lake ’ s main body .
Trout fishing from a boat is hit and miss ; kokanee fishermen are landing them while trolling hoochies , Apex lures and other offerings at 15 to 27 feet deep , Caitlin McCloskey of Pardee Lake Recreation reported .
The lake received 3,000 pounds of rainbow trout from Mt Lassen on June 29 . “ 2700 lbs . was 10 ” -1-3 / 4 lb . fish and 300 lbs . was 3-8 lb . trophy trout . The next plant will sometime the week of July 27-21 from Calaveras Fish Farm ,” said McCloskey .
“ As it gets closer to time , we will have
Dave Barley was trolling a minnow plug off a downrigger at Jackson Meadows a few days ago , when this huge 19 pound brown trout came knocking . The fish was released after the photo .
Photo courtesy of DAVE BARLEY , Colfax .

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a better idea of what day the plant will be here . After that point , we will be planting every other week through September . We may also have one plant in October ,” she noted .
“ Bank fishing has been pretty slow . For the best luck , find those cool , deep water channels where the fish like to hide when it is hot like near the Stony Creek Spillway and the Woodpile . Again , early morning or late evening is your best time ,” McCloskey tipped .

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14 FRESHWATER July 21 - August 4, 2017 FRESHWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PG 11 LOS VAQUEROS RESERVOIR cont. undersized, with some 18 to 24 inch fish showing. Chicken liver and anchovies are producing stripers from the shoreline at the pier near the marina and from Oak Point towards South Cove.” The reservoir is storing 152,578 acre-feet of water, 95 percent of its 160,000 acre-foot capacity. Pumping has stopped and the reservoir will slowly drop. - Dan Bacher NEW HOGAN LAKE Striped Bass Still Biting dU5$u27G&VB&72&P7F'FrF&F&VvWBFRFvFFP'&fbBvVFW"BWrv&W6W'f"G&W'2&R6rWVFRƖW6FW2vFg&V6B"6fW2&W72&r&vW'2&RF76r&&G2FRV&ǐ&w2"WfVw2W6rƗfR7Vf6"&VVvBWrvগ2VvB&vW'2fR&VV6Frf"F0fFFW&R26R&W7G&7Ff"7G&V@&72vFf6FǒƖ֗BFfRW&W( גFW7BG&66WFrfVGW&RvPBffRFRFv2B7BRf6&&&ǐVR( 6B'W&2( FRf6r6V@&&&ǒ6WvVFRfw2g&FP7F6W2vFv( ФVR6f6r&V2fW'6pBWrVW2( FR7BVR6Vv@vVvVB"VG2rV6W2'WBFBv20vVV2v( R6B( F2V"FFFR( fPǒFVBFFb2VRB7Bpf6( ХFW''&VVVBffR&&rG&WBvVvp&WGvVV"rB2VG2vRG&Ɩr氦6W2&VB6fW"f6W'2&fRFPvvC&W'FVBvVRFV'&B`v'R7'G2FfRVFVB2B"G&WBvPG&ƖrV6R''( 2f&WFvW"7W'2CfVW@&VB&VRBvB6W( 2f6W'2&WGvVV&6R6BBFR7v6Ff6&R&Vr6VvB'vW'2W6p66VƗfW'2rFR6&VƖRGW&pFRV&ǒ&rW"v7Vv`fV6FfVBB"6V6Ff6vF66VƗfW"* *&72f6rVFW67G2&RfFrFPF7F7F2v&2"w2V"FP6&VƖW2fWrVgG&vVWF2&RGFpFvFW"W&W2V&ǒBFRFRFF&6W R$dPUrTU2P6&R7F֗76p&r&&r7F&FVB@B֗70tT24f6rf"&r&&pG&WBFR2FR"&vR2&VVB@֗72FVǒ&&&ǒGVRF7&V6VB&Fp&W77W&RWrVW2vFFR7VW VB&V6VBG&'v''W&2bFRBFFRƖ֗BwVFR6W'f6R&GV6VB&&w0vVvrFFb#2"VG2FR&vvW7@vVvVBRVG2( vR6VvBFRf6VRvV"6VFrBW'RWW&W2&V@$BFFvW'2FRf6BBSrFc"fVW@FVW&WGvVVFRFB&6R6B( P6BFRWBG&FRGvvW'2f6rvF'W&2FVB6&&w2g&2FRVG0vRW6rFR6RvV"FR6R&V$dR( 2FRF6VBr6&R7F֗76r7FBR&fRVFrvW'2F&VƖWfRFB 7BbFRf6vW&R7vWBfW"FR7vGW&rFRVvRfw2F2vFW"B7&pGW&rFR7v7&62( ĒfV( BV&Bb6&Vr6Vv@'bFRvVFvV&RvW'2r( Ч6B&"&VW'2b'W7F2&.( 2wVFP6W'f6R( "fRV&BbbFR6FVBFRFW&ƗFgFW&&7@f6VvB'f6W&VVFW"( Ф&6&72&VV6&WGFW"&7V7BvW'26FVRF6F6B&VV6RB`7GFVB&72FR"FR6672vPf6rfW"FRR&FW'26FR&vW"f6vRG&6GFrvF&&v&2&rFvBGFW&2fbG2&VB3fVW@T4R%%( 2U$U06ǒFR&W7BVP7W'2f"fW"#V'2v2'BbvpVRF6R&W6RFR&W7B6F6FR&W7BBFR&vvW7BwwrV6V''6W&W26У3sSRSs#3 3cDRDRU4f6RFR3#@RW'0FǐG&0@vV"&fFV@s~( 3Cc ( "F66VG2f"66( ( "&vR"6w&W2( w&WF66VG2( "vgB6W'Ff6FW0fW"SV'2WW&V6RFRP&C6&VƖ&4cCS3SCn( 3CCC@Râ&v6$GBWB( "wwr֖6W6&v66ЦFVWWV7BF6F6BbF0rFR6&VƖPF&VvWBFRFV&ǒBFPFRFvW'06VBG'F76pWBFvFW"W&W26VFr&72B'2ƖR6FFP&&GvV6BfW 3c`d3b( "52`7&VVV6&2&PV2br*R&fR2Fp"33bCB7&RfVWB`vFW"cbW&6VB`66GFRRWfV0cbW&6VBb66GW&6VBbfW&vRP$DTP2"VPVG27VW 6F6W045$TD*( 0VRVFW67G0&RWW&V6r( f7@BgW&W>( 7FFRF6VB66WP6B&FVRFPV&ǒ&rW'2'W@FR&FR6w2FvgFW"&W'FVBfr`f6W&( 2v&VW6R( vW'2&R6F6pvW&Rg&FRf6FRf'7BfWrW'2( 6@fr( 6R&rf6&P6vr( 2ג'VFGFFVB2"শVR&V6VBG&F&FVR( ФFfR&&Wv2G&Ɩr֖rVrfbFv&vvW"B6Фfr2fW"זV"@6VFw2fWrF2vvVF2VvRVB'&vG&WB6R6rFRf6v2&VV6VBgFW"FRFw&G6Bv'&VF6W'FW7bDdR$$U6fG'V&ǒ&FVBVPFRR"Fr6&vRBF&VR&&w0&WGFW"FVbvBFFRBv&RW&Rf~( 2FW7BG&ƖrGfVGW&RB&FVRgFW"FBBvRv&RFrWfW'FW FWG&VBvF&F6vrGV&W2@vVVF&Vv6WFV&W"vR6fPVFRW7GRW&W2FVBvFvFPRB7F&W"( 6RFVB6&FR^( 2&G( &f6r2&VV&WGG6rf G&WBf6rg&&B2BB֗73FR&W7BV6fBF6R6FVWvFW VRf6W&V&RFrFVvP6V2vW&RFRf6ƖRFFRvVB0G&Ɩr6W2WW&W2BFW BƖRV"FR7F7&VV7vBFPffW&w2BRF#rfVWBFVW6FƖvGRvV&ǒ&r"FRWfVp466Wb&FVRR&V7&VFগ2W"&W7BFR( 466WFVB&W'FVBFRP&V6VfVB2VG2b&&pG&WBg&@76VVPr&rf.( `#( #s'2v0( 2B"f6B3'2v02ӂ"G&G&WB#3PFRWB@v6WFRFPR&&VW'2N( bSCsSN( 3cCvVVbVǒ#r#&&VW'4667BW@g& 6fW&0#cbRV6B6'fƗ2"s330f6f&( 6@466W( 2BvWG266W FFRvRvfP&Vv&fW"G&06WF( "7FVVƆV@6( "G&W@7GW&vVW7FVB&WGvVV2fVW&02fVW&0'&VGv@&W6W'f"&W6W'f BƗfW&&Pfbf66&@W7FVB&WGvVV'&VGv@BƗfW&&Rfbf66&@r6F6pf'7B5E$T@FRvW'2$50vV6R&VWFgVE$U@7&rvBfvW'04Dd4( "4( "E$U@$tTUD$50( "5E$TB$50FRWr&( "'VFp4Dd4b&B&VF0( "p$tVUD$50T#R3s#c#2fVW&2&V7&VF6࣓2fVW&2&B'&4CS@C#R&@&VF0WfW'FF'Rg&FƖF2wwr$4d4r4Ф6G&67FvFW"F7G&7Bf6ƗG#p3#