Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3615 July 7-21 2017 - Page 9

FRESHWATER VOL.36 • ISS. 15 9 July 7 - 21, 2017 Thoughts On ‘Kokes ^ Why kokanee? Why Not! Kokanee fight hard and eat great. They will slam a variety of colorful offerings. Just when you think you’ve got a kokanee bite dialed in, everything changes. Lures that the fickle fish had been hitting with enthusiasm 30 minutes before go untouched and it’s up to you to change things up and make the salmon bite again. It’s a man against fish chess game and it’s darn fun! ^ This quartet of chrome bright kokanee were caught on tackle from Mack’s Lure. The Mack’s Double D dodgers shown here have a traditional dodger action, but with four separate attachment points this dodger can be used somewhat like an underwater planer, steering your line away from the boat and other rigs. ^ Snelled spinners are winners when it comes to hooking both kokanee and trout. This rainbow pounced on a Mack’s Lure Wedding Ring Spinner equipped with a Smile Blade. ^ These kokanee were harvested using Paulina Peak dodgers paired with Paulina Peak Micro Hoochies. Paulina Peak Tackle, headquartered in Reno, Nv., has gained a following quickly across northern and central California and is garnering rave reviews from both guides and anglers. presents Kokanee Notes For Sockeye Success! W line. For the uninitiated, leadcore e are approaching the apex is just what its name implies. It is a of the Norcal kokanee sea- son. Over my years at the Fish Sniffer woven line with a pliable lead core. Every 10 feet of the line Magazine, more than a sports a different color. At few readers have asked kokanee trolling speeds me about how to go about leadcore will pull a lure catching kokanee. These down about 5 feet per anglers have heard the buzz color, so that by counting about how hard landlocked colors an angler will have a sockeyes fight, how much pretty good idea how deep fun they are to target and their offering is working. how awesome kokanee are For depths up to about coming off the grill or out 45 feet leadcore is pretty of the frying pan…In this effective, yet the downside week’s how to column, is that the line is heavy and we are going to explore requires correspondingly the great sport of kokanee by Cal Kellogg heavy tackle. This combi- fishing! nation of heavy line and To catch kokanee, the first thing stout tackle generally overpowers the you need is a boat capable of trolling fight of even the feistiest kokanee. at speeds from 1 to 2 miles per hour A more effective and more sporting and a quality sonar unit. You can catch option is the use of downriggers. In trout and bass from the bank, but ko- their simplest form a downrigger is a kanee are open water fish that require spool filled with cable attached to a cool temperatures in order to survive. short arm with a pulling connected to As a result, bank anglers have virtu- its tip. The cable travels off the spool, ally no chance of hooking kokanee, except on the rare occasion when they through the pulley and a heavy 6 to 10 pound weight is snapped to the end of get one accidentally while casting a the cable. spoon or spinner when the surface A downrigger release, a device temperature is cold. reminiscent of a clothespin, trails off Since kokanee prefer a temperature the weight. To use the downrigger, of 50 to 59 degrees they spend most you free spool a lure out a few yards of the late spring, summer and early behind the boat and then snap the line fall holding in water from 30 to 100 or from your rod into the release. After more feet deep. In order to hook these that the downrigger weight is lowered deep holding fish, you’ve got to get to the desired depth. When a deep you lures down to them. There are two holding kokanee takes the lure, the widely accepted means of accomplish- line pulls out of the release and you ing this goal. are left to fight the fish on your rod The first is employing a leadcore FISH SNIFFER HOW – TO CONTINUED ON PAGE 15