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DaiLy Trips
VOL . 36 • ISS . 14
there has been an explosion of pleasure boaters , swimmers and campers along the lake ’ s shores . Gone are the ladders and a fly rods , and in their place are beach towels and ski boats .
For the persistent few still fishing the lake there has been a decent bite , but not many big fish are showing in the catches . This is not uncommon for this time of year . The bulk of the action is coming from 2-5 pound Summit Lake Cutthroat trying to put weight back on after the spawn . A lot of these fish are hanging in the Warrior ’ s to Monument area . A lot of these fish are fish trucked to this area after being evicted from the fish ladder in Sutcliffe during tribal spawning operations .
A good plan is to drag Flatfish along the bottom in a slow and methodical manner . Downriggers aren ’ t even necessary . A standard three way swivel with a 1 ’ dropper to a 4 ounce sinker and a 4 ’ leader to a U-20 Flatfish is a hard combo to beat . It is imperative to check the plug for moss and other debris since it will be down on the bottom like a pig looking for a truffle .
There isn ’ t much else going on in the Western Great Basin at this time . All the small streams that drain the Carson Range are flowing extremely high as are all the major rivers . The big desert reservoirs , Lahontan and Rye Patch , are both just about full and have been releasing a lot of water for some time .
Rye Patch suffered a major fish kill about 18 months ago , so there are not a lot of mature wipers , walleyes or catfish available .
Lahontan was drawn down to only about 5,000 acre-feet of water during the peak of the drought . Lahontan holds 295,000 acre feet when at capacity , so it is likely that few mature fish survived in that puddle as well .
-by Mike McNeilly
Rainbow Trout Dominate Early Summer Sport
FREMONT - Summer channel catfish plants have begun at Horseshoe Lake , but trout continue to provide the most consistent action .
The East Bay Regional District stocked 750 pounds of channel cats in Horseshoe the week of June 12 , but hasn ’ t planted any trout over the past couple of weeks .
Expect the trout to go into deeper water with the arrival of warmer weather . Fishermen are using Mice Tails , Panther Martins , Power Eggs and Power Worms to fool the rainbows .
Duke Hoang of Fremont caught 4 trout in the back of Horseshoe Lake while using Mice Tails from his rowboat . The rainbows weighed 4.5 lbs , 4 lbs , 3.5 lbs , and 2.5 lbs .
Leon Schmidt of Fremont caught three trout in the back of Horseshoe Lake trolling with a Panther Martin lure from a rowboat . They weighed 3 lbs , 2 lbs , and 2 lbs .
Matt Agleham of Milpitas caught 4 trout on Fishermen ’ s Row using Power Eggs and Power Worms . The largest was 5 lbs 15oz .
Note that the use of lead fishing tackle is prohibited at Quarry Lakes . You can exchange lead tackle at the kiosk in a “ 1 for 1 ” trade for stainless steel weights .
Wild Trout Bite Described As “ Incredible ”!
REDDING - “ We are catching rainbows and steelhead in incredible numbers ,” reported Kirk Portocarrero of SacRiverGuide . Com . “ Some of our trips are producing 30 fish a day . This past weekend the action was non-stop in the stretch from Redding
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to Anderson . We had several double hookups .”
“ We ’ ve been running both fly fishing trips and spinning gear trips . Fly guys are hooking up on brown rubber legs and egg imitations . Spin anglers are scoring while side drifting Corkies . Green has been the best color ,” tipped Portocarrero .
Currently the river is flowing at 12,000 cfs and dropping . There is a small section of river that is closed above the Highway 44 Bridge . The closure will remain in place until August 1 . This still leaves nearly 40 miles of world class wild trout water open to fishing throughout the summer .
Mike Bogue of Mike Bogue ’ s Guide Service works the river with conventional tackle , splitting his time between pulling plugs and drifting Pautzke Salmon Eggs and Pautzke cured roe .
Robert Weese is also available for wild trout trips on the Sacramento . Weese likes to mix things up , pulling plugs and side drifting with various baits .
If you ’ d like to experience conventional tackle trout action on the Sacramento give Mike Bogue a call at ( 530 ) 246-8457 . For spin or fly fishing , Captain Kirk Portocarrero is available and can be reached at ( 530 ) 221-6151 . Robert Weese of Northern California Guide Service fishes with either spinning gear or fly gear . His cricket drifting trips often produce epic results . Robert can be contacted at ( 530 ) 755-7196 .
Trollers Hit Sacramento , San Joaquin For Summer Stripers
RIO VISTA - Striped bass fishing saw an uptick in interest with fish being landed in various areas across the region , while sturgeon fishing interest continues to wane .
Anglers trolling and drifting live bait found striped bass on the Old Sacramento River and on the the San Joaquin River , according to Craig Kamikawa at Fisherman ’ s Warehouse in Sacramento .
“ The cool thing is there ’ s isn ’ t a whole lot of guys going for them down there wih everyone either fishing up north on the bay . Trolling
June 23 - July 7 , 2017
Mark Adams of San Jose caught this impressive catfish while fishing the Narrows at Lake Del Valle on May 15 .
Photo courtesy of THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN RECREATION COMPANY , Lake Del Valle . with ( P-line ) predators or drifting jumbo minnows has been working ,” he tipped .
“ There ’ s been a mixture of spawned out fish and surprisingly some spawners are being caught too ,” he added .
Sturgeon fishing continued to pique the interest of die-hard anglers .
“ There ’ s still a few guys sneaking out when the wind is down to either Sherman or up north around Cache , Liberty Cut . The guys that are doing it are using eel or roe ,” he tipped by Roland Aspiras
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DaiLy Trips

Trout And Bass Cooperate As Sun Brings Out Boaters
COLFAX - Bass fishing is pretty good at both Rollins and Scotts Flat Lakes and a fair amount of trout are on the bite at Rollins . With warm
weather and Memorial Day holiday in the rearview , there are now plenty of skiers and recreational boaters on the water , but the increased boat traffic isn ’ t impacting the fishing .
“ I ’ ve been hooking up with a few
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