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18 FRESHWATER July 19 - Aug 2, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 16 Brothers Boats Is Going Out Of Business & Hosting A Total Liquidation Sale! B rothers Boats has been serving boaters in Northern Cali- fornia since 1956. After a 65 year run, the dealership is closing down and is hosting a Retirement Sell-A-Thon! Everything must go and boats will be sold at cost and near cost. The sale will continue until September 30 or until the stock is gone. For all the details, check out the ad in this edition of the Fish Sniffer! Brother’s showroom at 7450 Folsom Auburn Road in Folsom, Ca or call them at (916) 988-1704. HOW TO playing hard to get I have not found anything as effective as a threaded night crawler. To rig a threaded night crawler, I start off by snelling a No. 6 bait holder hook on the end of a 36 inch 10-pound test fluorocarbon leader. Next I take out a night crawler and slide it onto my worm threader. If you’ve never seen a worm threader, it is a simple wooden handle with an 8-inch section of fine diameter metal tube imbedded in it. The tip of the tube is cut off on a sharp angle. Once I have the ‘crawler impaled on the threader, I slide it down to the handle. After that I place the hook tip in the end of the tube and pull it down tight by gripping the leader against the wooden handle. The final step is to slide the ‘crawler up the threader, over the bend of the hook and down the leader. A night crawler threaded like this can be fished a number of different ways. You can tie the leader to a swivel knotted to July 20, 2019 the end of your main Rattlesnake Aversion Training Includes: line and pull it from • Dog training takes place in a natural .50 to 1.5 miles per controlled environment • Rattlesnake scent, sound & sight hour. Rigged like this awareness training the worm will spin • Snake aversion training w/live and glide through muzzled & de-fanged snakes the water, making • Snake aversion class provided by an inviting target for Natural Solutions trout. BOOK EARLY - CLASS SIZES ARE LIMITED! My all-time favorite approach is to pull a Downloadable Applications Available threaded ‘crawler 12 At: WWW.LINCRAAHAUGES.COM to 18 inches behind • We Are Only Open For a watermelon pattern Sporting Clays! Sep’s Side Kick We Reopen On dodger or Strike Sept. 21, So Get Master dodger. The On Target By only time I go with a Calling, Emailing larger dodger is when Or Visiting Us Today! the water is discolored or if I’m working in Located 45 Miles really deep water. North of Sacramento 3814 Raahauge’s Rattlesnake Aversion Training $80 PER DOG By Cal Kellogg continued from page 10 Trolling For Spooky Trout Holding Near The Surface Side planers are a highly effective tool for presenting lures to fish holding near the surface without spooking them. While they are used extensively by anglers in the Midwest and east, most west coast anglers never give them a try. Almost every serious west coast trout troller you meet has downriggers, but I’d be surprised if one in ten of them had side planers. I’ve experi- mented with side planers enough to know that if we used them more we’d find ourselves putting more trout in the boat. The uninitiated are probably asking, “What is a side planer and how does it work?” A side planer is a piece of wood, plastic or foam that when attached to a line, travels away from a moving boat based on its shape. These devices skim along the surface and track along from 50 to 100 feet beside the boat with 20 to 100 feet of line tipped with a lure or bait tailing out behind them. This enables the angler to present the lure to trout without moving through the area where the trout are holding with the boat. There are many different types of side planers available to anglers these days. There are small inline models that are efficient, inexpensive and easy to use. Sep’s Pro Fishing offers the Pro Side Plainer. This inline plainer can be adjusted to track either to the port or starboard. To employ this type of plainer you let your offering out the desired distance behind the boat, attach the main line to the plainer and then free spool the planer out the desired distance to the side of the boat. When a trout is hooked the plainer partially disconnects allowing the fish to be fought with minimal resistance. RETIREMENT SELL-A-THON July 1st Thru Sept. 30th CLOSEOUT PRICING ON ALL 16’ TO 20’ MODELS! (530) 724-0552 presents… 3816 18th Annual STAMPEDE RESERVOIR KOKANEE DERBY Saturday August 10, 2019 Emigrant Group Camp Area $600 FIRST PLACE (based on 125 anglers) Lots of Prizes – Cash paid to 15 th Place Entry Fees: Adult $45 (Non Member $55) • Junior FREE (with paid adult) Register Online at: HURRY! FINAL DAYS ARE NEARING AFTER 65-YEARS IN BUSINESS!! TOTAL LIQUIDATION SALE • ALL MUST GO NOW! ALL BOATS WILL BE SOLD AT OUR LOWEST PRICES EVER! YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER BY WEDNESDAY, 8/7/19! All online registration will close at midnight Wednesday, 8/7/19. Please plan accordingly! No Friday Afternoon sign ups for this derby — YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER — All persons in each boat must be registered in the derby – NO EXCEPTIONS. Fishing starts at 5:30 am – Lunch begins at 1:00 pm – Included in the entry fee. You must be in weigh-in line by 2 pm – NO EXCEPTIONS. Derby Chairwoman is Nancy Coe • Sponsored by: FISHERMAN’S WAREHOUSE 16’ & 17’ MODELS IN STOCK! MANY BOATS NEAR, AT OR EVEN BELOW COST. CALL NOW! (916) 988-1704 3816 WWW.BROTHERSBOATS.COM 7450 Folsom Auburn Rd • Folsom, CA 95630