Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3816 Jul 19- Aug 2 2019 - Page 12

10 July 19 - Aug 2, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 16 What’s Happening • What’s New What’s Hot! Sponsered by: Lahontan Cutthroat Love Siracha! for each of us scratching out a fish here and I’ve been wanting to fish Pyramid there. We saw several birds a short distance Lake in Nevada for the last several away that were working some bait. Seagulls, years because I’ve heard that fishing cormorants, and pelicans were diving which there is absolutely amazing. There created a lot of action on the water. That’s are big fish and a lot of them. I’ve when the bite got really good for us, often heard of stories of many fish being producing double and triple hook ups. I was caught in the teens and even some once told that the Lahontan Cutthroat were that have surpassed the 20-pound not very good fighters and when you hooked range. After hearing all of these them they were big, but it was like bringing stories, this lake was added to my up dead weight. I was very surprised to learn bucket list. I’ve had a few invitations that I was told wrong and that these fish are to go there, but each time have had conflicts. When I received a call from actually very good fighters. I was using an Allen May caught this beautiful Lahontan 8-14lb fishing rod teamed up with a Quantum Cutthroat while fishing Pyramid Lake on June Rick Tietz, owner of Blade Runner 30th. Smoke HD reel with 50lb braid and a 16lb Tackle, I jumped at the opportunity. Photo Courtesy of Rick Tietz. fluorocarbon leader. This setup was perfect Rick called on a Thursday and when using the 2 oz spoon and when you asked if I would like to fish Pyramid hooked a fish, the rod was strong enough to the following week. After looking at my schedule, I realized I could arrange my handle it and light enough to schedule and sneak away one day the following enjoy the fight. week. The wind looked like it was After some good action, the Rick Tietz caught this gorgeous going to blow so we weren’t sure bite died and we had to make which day we were going to fish. Lahontan on his Perch color Blade another move. I thought we Runner spoon. Unfortunately, the wind blew way Photo Courtesy of Ernie Marlan had a lot of life at our last spot too hard for us to make it out there but the amount of birds at our Monday through Thursday. I got next spot was crazy. It reminded me of the ocean when you pull up to a another call from Rick on Thursday The New Blade Runner Spoon - Siracha Color! spot filled with birds diving and bait jumping out of the water trying to afternoon saying that it looked Photo Courtesy of Ernie Marlan get away from the bigger fish. I didn’t see any boils, but there were a lot like our opportunity to fish of single fish hitting the surface. As we pulled into that spot, it looked was going to be on Sunday so good and as soon as we stopped the boat and dropped the spoons, two or three of us which just happened to be the last day of fishing before the were on right away. The size of the fish were bigger and it seemed like as soon as you lake would close for fishing until October 1st. landed one and released it, you were doing battle with another. The action was fast and We headed up on Saturday afternoon and planned to stay furious with many doubles and triple hook ups which produced many fish in the double the night at a friend of Rick’s, named Jason Fish. On the digits and even a few in the mid-to-upper teens in weight. drive, Rick told me he had brought a new color of the 2 oz This trip had a lot of laughs, good conversation, phenomenal fishing, and just an DUH spoon that he just made and was planning to launch here in the next few weeks. Rick called this color Siracha. The amazing experience overall. A trip that I will new spoon has a red head, a black back, and a very reflective never forget. I hope I green body. The lure looks awesome and when I first saw it, get another opportunity I knew that was going to be my lure of choice for the next to fish this Pyramid Lake day. The DUH Spoon by Blade Runner Tackle is one of the most popular spoons in the Northern California region and far again soon. It opens again for fishing on beyond. It produces everything from smallmouth bass, large- October 1st, 2019 and mouth, trout, lingcod, salmon, and stripers. I hear that the fishing We arrived at Jason’s beautiful ranch with horse stables, during that time is abso- several acres and amazing views. After great conversations, lutely amazing as well. dinner, and a good night sleep we left first thing in the If my schedule allows, I morning to Pyramid Lake. The drive only took about 30 believe I will try to get minutes and the four of us, Rick Tietz, Jason Fish, Allen out there sometime in May and I were ready to fish. October. After launching, we took a short boat ride to the fist A special thanks to spot of the day. The morning was not a wide-open bite, Jason and Liz for their but it didn’t us long for each of us to catch and release a hospitality and Rick Tietz Jason Fish caught this beauty first thing in the morning beautiful Lahontan Cuttthroat. for the invitation! The next spot was much of the same, a little action on a Blade Runner Spoon! Photo Courtesy of Rick Tietz Infl ate your Fishing Possibilities The Toughest, Most Stable, Most Versatile Infl atable Fishing Kayak Ever! The new infl atable Sea Eagle® Explorer™ 350fx has extra layers of super tough 2000 denier reinforced PVC for extra protection against sharp fi ns and hooks. Other features include 40” built-in fi sh ruler, anchor trolley attachments, motormount attachments, customized accessory belts on both spray skirts for tools, hooks & more, adjustable foot braces, even 16 open & shut drains if you want to hit the rapids! Bays, lakes, ponds, fresh or salt water, this kayak does it all! 800-748-8066 M-F, 9-5 EST for more info Dept FN059B 19 N Columbia St, Ste 1, Port Jeff erson, NY 11777 • Weighs 51 lbs. • 11’6”x39” • Holds 1 Person or 575 lbs. • Defl ates to 31”x19”x10” • Handles Class IV Rapids • Uses Up to 34 lb. Thrust Electric Motor