Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3815 July 5-19 2019 - Page 7

5 July 5 - 19, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 15 Spotlight On Kayak Fishing... Sponsered by Kayak City in Citrus Heights, CA Kayak City.Com 916.565.1400 High Country Trout Adventure To French Meadows Reservoir By Cal Kellogg French Meadows is one of my favorite local trout lakes and I try to hit it several times per year. Since French Meadows is situated near the Sierra summit, the lake was late to open this spring after the intense winter of 2018/19 and I wasn’t able to make it in to the lake until May 30. I was expecting big results and while I definitely had some excitement I think the best spring action is yet to come. Lucy and I arrived a few minutes after sunrise on the 30th and after about 20 minutes of rigging Cal Kellogg fooled this early morning French Meadows rainbow with a gold Speedy Shiner trolled at 2.7 miles per hour. time, I Photo by CAL KELLOGG, Fish Sniffer Staff. dropped the big tried everything in my gear kit that usually works at French Meadows without Hobie Pro Angler results. into the water at I was actually on my way back to the ramp when I marked some nice arches the south launch on the Lowrance holding right on the bottom. I grabbed a black Mag Lip 2.5, ramp. started peddling at 2 mph and spooled the lure out until it was occasionally I don’t think ticking the bottom. I’ve ever seen the Five minutes later I hooked up. I suspected that the fish was a brown based lake higher and I on the bulldog battle it put up, but it was no match for my Vance’s trolling noticed right away rod. that there was a When the fish lot of wood on the boiled to the top I surface ranging was pumped to see from small pieces that it was a 17-inch of bark and twigs For the kayaker looking for great trout fishing and inspiring brown. What a way to huge stumps and scenery, French Meadows Reservoir is a great destination. Photo by CAL KELLOGG, Fish Sniffer Staff. massive ponderosa to end the day! While my first trip pines. of 2019 to French Paddling away Meadows wasn’t from the ramp I noted that the water was clear and colder than I expected at super productive, I 47 degrees. did catch a couple My plan was to troll fast with a gold Speedy Shiner on one rod and a jointed J-9 rainbow pattern Rapala on the other. Once I had the Speedy Shiner dandy trout and I’m itching to hit working at 15 feet off a leadcore rig, I’d just started to deploy the Rapala the lake again when the Speedy got slammed…FISH ON! very soon. I have The trout put up a vigorous fight and jumped several times. When I got it a feeling the bite to the net it turned out to be a thick 16-inch chrome bright rainbow. It was a good ‘bow for French Meadows and I was pleased. With the rainbow released is going to be very good once the water French Meadows is an outstanding trout fishing location I quickly got the spoon back into the water expecting more action. climbs into the 50’s. situated near the Sierra crest in Placer County. Save for a couple short strikes, I had no more action for the next 4 hours. I Photo by CAL KELLOGG, Fish Sniffer Staff. NEW FOR 2019 TACTICAL LIGHTWEIGHT COOLERS ELEVATING THE STANDARD IN COOLER PERFORMANCE. When Cal marked several fish holding along the bottom in 21 feet of water he started bouncing the bottom with a black Mag Lip and caught this dandy French Meadows brown in short order! Photo by CAL KELLOGG, Fish Sniffer Staff. 72 HOURS OF ICE RETENTION NOW AVAIABLE AT WWW.EGOFISHING.COM