Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3815 July 5-19 2019 - Page 26

24 July 5 - 19, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 15 What’s Happening • What’s New What’s Hot! Sponsered by: The SeaEagle 350fx Inflatable Kayak Offers an Amazing Experience on Sugar Pine Reservoir I’m starting to get addicted to fishing out of a SeaEagle 350fx inflatable kayak. It’s so different than what I’m accustomed to and the new experiences have been amazing. Usually, I am fishing for bass or stripers and that means that I’m always moving fast. Searching for fish and chasing the tide on the California Delta means traveling many miles almost every trip out. This isn’t true when fishing out of the SeaEagle 350fx. You can only move as fast as you can paddle and I’ve learned that at times, that’s a very good thing. It’s enabled me to learn how to fish slower and appreciate the scenery more. Recently, Cal Kellog and I took a trip to Sugar Pine Reservoir. This reservoir is just far enough away and didn’t have many boats or people on the lake. In fact, there were only two other boats that we could see, other than Cal and I. Our goal was to troll and cast lures for trout. Cal knows this reservoir well and told me where most of the fish typically school up. Once we launched, Cal immediately headed to the most productive areas while I decided to venture around on my own for a while to see if I could locate my own fish. Unfortunately, the areas I targeted did not produce any fish, Ernie Marlan holds up a trout caught on a WillowStrike lure by Panther Martin while while paddling the 350fx, but the scenery was amazing. The fishing Sugar Pine Reservoir. 350fx is such a comfortable kayak to fish out of. I love the Photo courtesy of Cal Kellogg stability, ease as well as the sturdiness of it. The 350fx is setup with two Scotty rod holders so I was able to put a and cast. This proved to be successful as I caught and released several other trout. Panther MartinWillowStrike Regular Silver on one rod During one particular fight with a fish, I drifted into a bank full of trees and holder and a Panther Martin Classic Copper Copper/ bushes. Fortunately, I landed the fish. Just as I released it, I looked into the water Black on the other. I’d make a cast behind the boat and to see a beautiful 5-6 lb. bass on a nice little bed below me. I was completely put the rods in the Scotty rod holders and let the lures do surprised as I’d never been to this reservoir before and I didn’t even realize there all the work. I would just have to paddle and keep those were bass in it. lures moving. Seeing this beauty, my focus turned from trout to bass immediately. Unfortu- After a while, I decided to paddle over to where Cal nately, I didn’t have my bass gear with me but I didn’t see any reason why the was fishing. It was pretty evident that he was catching WillowStrike wouldn’t work. As you know, at times it could take a while to get a fish because I saw the net come out a couple of times as I made my way over. It wasn’t long after I reached that same bass to bite when they’re on a bed. I tried to tempt her to eat for about 15 minutes but she didn’t show any interest. area for me to land my first trout of the day. This fish fell I moved down the bank a little and found it to be loaded with beds and victim to the WillowStrike as did a few others that day. several bass in them. Fishing out of a kayak when fishing for bass The WillowStrike is available in five different sizes on beds is actually pretty fun and if I was setup correctly, I would that include: size 2 (1/16 oz.), size 4 (1/8 oz.), size 6 (1/4 have been very productive. Next time I’m at this reservoir, I will defi- oz.), size 9 (3/8 oz.), and size 15 (1/2 oz.). There are five nitely have an anchor for the kayak. I’ll also bring a rod and reel that different color options including Regular Gold, has more than 4 lb. test line on it as well as some bass gear. Regular Silver, Holographic Rainbow/Trout, Cal and I had a great day on the water and were able to enjoy the Holographic Spotted Blue, and Holo- beautiful scenery. I learned a lot about fishing for trout out of a kayak and graphic Tiger Green. seeing the bass on the beds was a nice bonus. After seeing these Once I landed WillowStrike™ bass I’m sure that my next excursion on the SeaEagle 350fx will be Regular my first fish of the targeting bass somewhere in Northern California. A NEW turbo-charged Panther Martin day, I decided to upgrade of the classic willow blade using Remember to read the next articles in the upcoming magazines. cast in the general our original shaft through the blade In the meantime, I recommend you go to to area rather than design with Panther Martin’s unique check out the 350fx as well as their other inflatable kayaks, canoes, convex/concave shape provides a super paddle around paddleboards and boats. fast spinning action without a clevis. Infl ate your Fishing Possibilities The Toughest, Most Stable, Most Versatile Infl atable Fishing Kayak Ever! The new infl atable Sea Eagle® Explorer™ 350fx has extra layers of super tough 2000 denier reinforced PVC for extra protection against sharp fi ns and hooks. Other features include 40” built-in fi sh ruler, anchor trolley attachments, motormount attachments, customized accessory belts on both spray skirts for tools, hooks & more, adjustable foot braces, even 16 open & shut drains if you want to hit the rapids! Bays, lakes, ponds, fresh or salt water, this kayak does it all! 800-748-8066 M-F, 9-5 EST for more info Dept FN059B 19 N Columbia St, Ste 1, Port Jeff erson, NY 11777 • Weighs 51 lbs. • 11’6”x39” • Holds 1 Person or 575 lbs. • Defl ates to 31”x19”x10” • Handles Class IV Rapids • Uses Up to 34 lb. Thrust Electric Motor