Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3815 July 5-19 2019 - Page 24

22 FRESHWATER July 5 - 19, 2019 FRESHWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PG 21 RIO VISTA AREA cont. smallmouth bass in Miner, Sutter and Steamboat sloughs and the Sacramento River. Johnny Tran of New Romeo’s Bait and Tackle in Freeport said, “Smallmouth bass are taken along the rocky banks with live minnows or plastics on a drop-shot rig along with deep-diving crankbaits or 3-inch Kei Tech’s swimbaits. “Striped bass are still in the system, and there are a lot of shakers around. Sardines coated with garlic spray or pile worms are working for the linesides while catfish are found in the Sacramento Deep Water Channel with chicken livers, mackerel, or nightcrawlers. Bluegill are thick in all of the back sloughs, and the Delta Loop or Walnut Grove have been good locations to soak red worms or jumbo red worms.,” he said. Captain Joey Gamez of Golden State Sport Fishing continues to find good sturgeon action in Montezuma Slough, the Big Cut, and Little Cut for the few anglers who still are interested in fighting the diamondbacks. The sturgeon action should last for some time with the high water in the Sacramento-Delta and more coming down. The striped bass continue to wind down as the linesides are heading for the cooler waters of San Francisco Bay, but the largemouth bass bite is getting ready to bust wide open with the warmer water temperatures. Dan Mathisen of Dan Mathisen Outdoors and Guide Service was out casting frogs on Father’s Day, and he said, “I have been throwing Sanford Bait’s Boom Boom frogs and have released a dozen largemouths this afternoon in the wind. I have been targeting shade pockets, tule breaks, and the small mats of grass. More grass will be forming once the wind stops.” - Dave Hurley ROLLINS/SCOTTS FLAT Bass Smash Topwater Baits! COLFAX- “Yo-Zuri Banana Boat topwater baits have been killing the bass at Rollins,” related Jason Pleece of Meadow Vista. “Over the past two weeks I’ve caught double digit numbers of spots and smallmouths over 2 pounds. This is some of the best bass action I’ve had at Rollins and I got them all on topwater baits. I generally only get a handful of bass over 2 pounds in any given year at Rollins, but it’s been getting better and better every year,” said Pleece. Pleece reports that the spawn is largely over and the bass are on the feed. “The best fishing is happening in the evening once the sun is off the water, but in reality I’m getting fish on topwater baits all day long if there is breeze. Overall, when the sun is high crankbaits will draw more strikes, but you need a fairly small bait. The crankbait fish are definitely smaller on average than the topwater fish. The bass are holding on rocky structure that drops into deep water. I haven’t been doing much trout fishing over the past couple weeks with all the great bass action, but I have seen trollers hooking trout while pulling worms and spoons behind flashers,” related Pleece. There haven’t been many reports coming out of Scotts Flat Reservoir beyond that there has been decent topwater action in the marina at first light. Anglers are utilizing small Rebel Pop R’s to hook smallmouth bass to 2.5 pounds. There have been no reports of catfish showing, but that bite should be kicking into gear at any time now for anglers soaking worms, liver and anchovies. VOL.38 • ISS. 15 mixed in. - Dan Bach- er SAN PABLO RESERVOIR 25 Lb. Channel Catfish Leads June Angling Parade EL SOBRANTE – The warm weather has stirred the big channel catfish to bite at San Pablo Reservoir. Just ask Joshua Johnson of El Sobrante, who caught 3 catfish, topped by a huge fish weighing 25.28 pounds, while using worms. The three cats weighed a total of 52.59 pounds, according to Marcella Shoemaker at the Rocky Mountain Recreation Company. “Trout fishing continues to be good,” said Shoemaker. Captain Bobby of the Tahoe Sportfishing Team has been putting “Continue to cast out his clients on some impressive mackinaw recently. This fish was far and fish deep for landed on June 12. the trout.” Photo courtesy of TAHOE SPORTFISHING, South Lake Tahoe. Daniel Bonilla of Oakland landed a 3.5 lb. trout using PowerBait at the SANTA CLARA VALLEY rock wall. Maxwell Kaneko of Berkeley caught one trout using a Mega-Bass LAKES Haze-Dong Shad in Scow Canyon. Anderson, Calero Reservoirs Crappie are hitting on Atomic Tasers and red worms, added Shoemaker. Kick Out Largemouths The lake level is 309.4 in elevation COYOTE – Anderson and Calero and the surface temperature is 66.9 reservoirs remain the top two spots for degrees. CONTINUED ON PG 23 CATCH MORE TROUT WITH... ROOSTER TAIL AND ROOSTER TAIL SCENT ® ® SACRAMENTO AREA As Shad and Striper Fishing Slows, Anglers Pursue Catfish Mika visited San Pablo Reservoir this June and smacked a quick limit of rainbow trout. Photo courtesy of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN RECREATION COMPANY, San Pablo Reservoir. Trout ~ Kokanee ~ Salmon ~ Shad OFFICIAL SPONSOR 18 Proven Kokanee/Trout Dodgers! 240 different size/ color combinations! 6 4 All Natural Scents... 82 YEARS of Catching Kokanee, TROUT & KOKANEE Trout, Salmon & Shad 100% Made in the USA Without a DICK NITE... You’re Not Fishin’ Right! 3704 • SACRAMENTO – The shad have moved up the Sacramento, American, Feather and Yuba rivers on their annual migration, although some striped bass are still being landed by patient anglers fishing in the Sacramento from Freeport to Verona. Expect to hook some schoolies in the 18 to 24 inch range, along with a few bigger fish and plenty of undersized stripers, while fishing sardines, anchovies, pileworms and jumbo minnows at Freeport, Garcia Bend, Miller Park, Discovery Park, the Elkhorn Recreation Area and Verona. However, most anglers are opting out for the much better striper fishing on San Francisco Bay. The Port of Sacramento and Sacramento Deepwater Channel offer solid catfish action for anglers tossing out mackerel, chicken liver and nightcrawlers early and late in the day and SCENT FLAVORS at night, according to Dennis Pfanner at Sacramento Pro Fishing. The Sutter Bypass around O’Banion and Franklin roads offers a chance to bag channel catfish both day and night with the same baits employed in the port. Expect to hook cats in the 1 to 5 lb. class, with some larger ones ROOSTER TAIL SPINNER ® Bleeding Frog Worden’s Rooster Tail is one of the most productive spinners ever for trout and other game fish. Trolled in lakes, or cast and retrieve in streams, Rooster Tails come in just the right color and size for any water condition. Spring Frog NEW ROOSTER TAIL SCENT SPRAY ® HACKLE SAFE SPRAY-ON UV FISH ATTRACTANT PRODUCES MORE FISH • ADDS 100% REAL SCENT-BASED TASTE TO LURES & BAIT • HANDY TWO (2) OZ. EASY SPRAY-ON PUMPER BOTTLE • CONCENTRATED AMINO ACIDS AND BITE STIMULANTS FISH DEVOUR SCENT FLAVORS: • TROPHY BASS • CRAPPIE/PANFISH • GARLIC PLUS • GARLIC NIGHT CRAWLER • SHAD • SHRIMP • TROUT/KOKANEE • TROPHY TROUT OFFICIAL SPONSOR For more tips and videos on how to fish Rooster Tails go to 3803