Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3815 July 5-19 2019 - Page 17

July 5 - 19, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 15 15 Trigger The Predatory Response In Ocean Kings With An Apex! by Cal Kellogg W hen it comes to the Apex there are believers and there are scoffers. Do Apex Lures always work for ocean salmon? No nothing does, but I’ve seen more than a few scoffers converted on days when kings wouldn’t Stock up Now for a GREAT SALMON SEASON! For Ocean or River, we have what you need! FOR THE OCEAN: • Pro-troll Flashers and RSKs • GDF and Hawkins Flasher Releases • Hot-Spot Apex • Brad’s Cut Plugs - River and Ocean Patterns • Shelton FBRs • Trinidad Optimizer Spoons and Bait Heads FOR THE RIVER: • Brad’s • Yakima Flatfish • Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Plugs • Silvertron • GVF • Shallow Glass Spinners FRESH BAIT! Tray Anchovies and Hearing Sardines for Plug Wraps (530) 887- 0839 11944 Masters Court, Auburn CA #424 Glow In the Dark! touch natural bait, but would abso- lutely freight train an Apex! The vibrating and spinning action of the Apex is what makes it effective. Golden State salmon generally feed on bait in the form of anchovies or herring. It is the active darting movements of the bait that ultimately attracts the salmon. The dodging and weaving of the baitfish creates strong vibrations and predators like salmon quickly detect these. Yet these “standard” vibrations may or may not trigger a strike. Research indicates that it’s the erratic vibrations created by wounded or sick baitfish that really trigger the predatory response in salmon and other predators. The Apex effectively duplicates the movements of a wounded baitfish. It’s contoured scoop front surface causes a rapid side-to-side shaking action as it is trolled. The Apex will also dart violently from side to side and will spin once in a while. These actions are triggers and are not duplicated by any other artificial lure. Apex Lures are made by the folks at Hotspot. To check out their entire line of flashers, Apex Lures and salmon gear visit their website at Willfish Tackle: Small Shop Big Selection Of Lures, Gear & More! W illfish Tackle isn’t a big box store. In fact, the store isn’t very large at all, but it has everything you need for catching fish from the coast to the Sierra. I’ve been shopping at Willfish for a long time because they stock a full line of gear and compo- nents. Line, hooks, rods, reels, lures and an array of natural baits. Owner Craig Newton even stocks some hard to find items such as wooden Lyman Lures, the new 2 inch Lyman and Arctic Fox trolling flies as well as products from Luhr 3810 #423 UV Reflective! HERRING AID #423 and #424 NEW FOR 2019! GONE FISHING downfall. Within seconds, I had lost it. “Easy there, Stacy!” chuckled Chris’s son, and deckhand, Joey. “Forget everything you know about bass fishing and just reel in nice and steady.” I hadn’t fished for halibut for nearly a year, so I had to reprogram myself. My next halibut was undersized, but number three was a keeper! Landing it was easy because deckhands Joey and Steve work together like a well-oiled machine. Anglers were hooking up one after the other. But once you heard “Fish on!”, it was only a matter of seconds before that fish was netted, tagged, and your line was back in the water. Captain Chris has decades of experience under his belt, and it shows. We made several stops as we cruised north towards Richmond, and at each stop he told us exactly when to drop our lines and when to reel them back up. No time was wasted. This strategy resulted in dozens of landed halibut and stripers. “I learned from my father,” Chris explained, “and I’m hoping Joey takes over after me.” This type of work seems to run in the family; Chris’s son, Jonathon, and his younger brother, James, operate two other sportfishing vessels out of the Berkeley Marina. “It’s healthy competition,” he laughed. Running 6 to 7 days a week is exhausting work. “This is the best part about it, though,” Chris explained. “Chatting it Jensen, Mack’s Lure, Yakima Bait and GVF Lures. Craig loves to fish and he’s always ready with advice whether you’re looking for a limit of stripers in the Delta, a double digit cutthroat at Pyramid or just want to enjoy an afternoon soaking PowerBait at a local lake for some pansize rainbows. If you need to top off your trout and salmon fishing supplies, drop by Willfish and marvel at the wide selection of gear that Craig has packed into his shop! Willfish is located at 11944 Masters Court, Auburn, Ca. For more information call (530) 887-0839 Continued from page 1 up with passengers, meeting people from all over…in the end, it’s worth it.” And boy, did we have a cast of characters on this trip, from a couple of charter veterans who had been on this boat more times than they could count, to a Sacramento man who fished the entire trip with his personal trout rod. To be more accurate, a man who OUTFISHED a few people with that lightweight rod. The passenger I rooted for the most, however, was affectionately named “Banana Boy” (by me) because he couldn’t understand why he was getting skunked. He was later spotted chowing down on a banana and quickly learned the old wives tale from several of us. Coinciden- tally (or not), his only keeper was caught once he finished that banana. By 2 p.m., the sun was blazing and the entire boat had reached its full limits of stripers. “Got one!” had been shouted nearly 100 times, keeping the deckhands occupied. The last 90 minutes were spent targeting halibut and rock cod in a last attempt at securing some Taco Tuesday meat. I went home with over 10 pounds of halibut, striper, and rock cod filets, but that wasn’t the highlight of my trip. In between catches, I had the chance to hang out with crew, learn about the family business, and laugh – a LOT. This is their of labor of love, and it shows. I made a bunch of new friends that day, and I’ll definitely be back! The Pacific Dream has been averaging over 100 keeper fish per day while drifting live bait in San Francisco Bay. Here we see deckhand Joey Smith posing with a bunch of halibut and stripers. Photo courtesy of CHRIS SMITH, Pacific Dream Sportfishing.