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FRESHWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PG 4 CAMANCHE LAKE July 5 - 19, 2019 FRESHWATER VOL.38 • ISS. 15 cont. Camanche increased to 3,788 cubic feet per second while releasing only 2,900 cfs. into the Mokelumne River. or my boat. That would not have been the end of it had I been alone, and there was no time to get his CF numbers. He was heading to the west side of the sound end, past the houses,” he concluded. - Dan Bacher CLEAR LAKE CLEARLAKE - Black bass fishing continues to be very good at Clear Lake. “I fished a BANC club tournament turkey shoot and placed second on both days,” said Tom Guercio of Tom’s Guide Service. “I caught 16.82 pounds the first day and 13.72 pounds the second day. Twenty four people fished the first day and 19 people the next.” “I caught those fish on jigs on the rocks between 10 and 25 feet deep in the Rattlesnake arm.,” he said. “However, the dominant bite for most anglers was on buzzbaits and frogs.” “Today the fishing is a little slow, but my grandson Derek, son Mark and I have caught and released a dozen fish to 4-1- /2 pounds while using 1 ounce jigs. The color of the jigs doesn’t matter.” “The water is 77 degrees now,” added Guercio. “Most of the fish are in post- spawn mode.” “I took a former client and good friend to Clear Lake yesterday,” reported Larry Hemphill, fishing guide. “We found the bite to be pretty good in the early morning for bass up to 4 lbs., with several in the 2 to 3 lb. range landed.” “Walls (shadows), pilings, and weed edges were our structures. Once in a while a small breeze would come up, helping to survive the upcoming heat! Finally the lake went totally flat - and hot.” “After 11 am, we caught one here and there but the bite slowly died. back to the ramp by 1 pm! It was a fun trip until we got near the Red Bud ramp,” Hemphill said. “ heard the term ‘WATCH YOUR BACKSIDE.’ Well, it happened again! We were traveling south, straight towards Red Bud, just off the pipeline, maybe 125 yards offshore. I am about to make the left turn towards the ramp but hadn’t started yet. My client yells ‘WATCH OUT ‘ and here is a pleasure boat of some kind doing about 20-25 MPH about TEN FEET on my left side, trying to cross in front of me. This is a wide-open lake area with no other structures or boats around,” said Hemphill. “What goes thru a mind like that - IF there is a mind at all!! I don’t think I was targeted - he would have not known me Join us for a unique experience that will keep your family coming back year after year! Docks and Boat Slips Available RV Sites • Cabins • Tent Sites Free WiFi • Rec Room • Grocery Store • Gas • Diesel • LPG • Laundry Corner of The Strand and Palmetto Way Spalding, California 3809 COLLINS LAKE Big Trout and Cats Dominate Angling Scene OREGON HOUSE: For mid-June, the lake is higher than any year in recent memory, still nearly completely full. We are into the longest days of summer and the lake conditions are showing it. The surface temperature is stable above 72F. Most days there’s a light breeze moving through the canyon with highs in the 80s & 90s cooling off into the 60s at night. Weekends have been Larry took a trip to Lake Almanor with Captain Bryan Roccucci absolutely packed, especially with the open on June 6 and successfully battled this monster rainbow. Photo courtesy of BIG DADDY’S GUIDE SERVICE, Quincy. area still underwater. On the weekdays (Sunday Night through Friday productive bait for these small panfish is Morning) we typically have 75% of our redworms. This week we also got some non-hookups & tent campsites available good bites on salmon eggs. If you’re just and typically about 20 with hookups out for fun use a larger-than-necessary available as well. hook like a #8 with a filed barb. Avoid There have been quite a number of treble hooks. Light tension will keep a large 5+ pound trout. Starting off the list redear hooked well enough and the larger we have Jessica Karlonas who sent us single hook avoids gut damage and is a picture of a six pound trout she caught quick & easy to remove. trolling a silver humdinger down around - Ed Palma 30ft. Ciara Prior showed us her 5 1/2 pound rainbow caught in Elmer’s Cove on green PowerBait. Jacob Hunter caught his 6 1/2 pounder on a worm up where the LAKE DAVIS powerlines cross the north fork. Mike Erickson & Leah Hubik from Lots of Trout Landed During Roseville doubled up with two 6 1/2 pound Derby trout and another 5 1/2 pound fish all PORTOLA – Fishing was “really good” caught on hoochies up near the bridge. during the Father’s Day trout fishing Alan Furber of Cloverdale brought in pair derby at Lake Davis, reported Jeannie with a total weight of 11 pounds. Graham at the J & J Grizzly Country In terms of numbers trout fishing has Store and Campground Resort. Proceeds leveled off with most people catching a few each day but not as many limits as we went to the Eastern Plumas Rural Fire Department. were seeing this time in May. “We received a fish plant of 4000 Catfish, on the other hand, have pounds before the derby,” said Graham. been chomping on the trout bait as “Several fish were tagged for the derby. demonstrated by David who caught a Also, we had a fourth grade class come 5.5 pound cat by campsite #416 on a up and help plant the fish. Guides Jack minicrawler and Zoey who caught two Trout and Ed Dillard catfish alongside a limit of trout while talked with them bumping chartreuse PowerBait near the about the different mouth of Elmer’s cove. Look at the gut on types of fishing that big whiskerfish! I wonder what he’s while we waited for been eating? the truck to arrive.” While bass activity has slowed their Ron Van Asset cousins, the redear sunfish, have moved won first place in the up in to the shallows along with bluegill & crappie and are patrolling near the surface derby by catching two rainbows in large schools with small fry along the weighing a total dam. Daniel King from Meadow Vista of 5 pounds, 11.3 caught a 1 pound redear sunfish on a ounces. He was white crappie jig right out in front of site trolling red dot frog #56. Most of the panfish in the shallows Needlefish, noted are about the size of your hand. Graham. They are a great target for C&R with Ken Stoner of young kids who will enjoy watching Castro Valley placed how the fish react to different baits and second with two fish techniques. In my experience the most Now Booking Bucks Lake Bucks Lake Lake Almanor Trout & Kokanee Davis Lake and Almanor Eagle Lake trophy trout! Captain Bryan Roccucci Lake Tahoe Call for Best Dates – (530) 370-1001 Largemouth Bass On Summer Bite 13 weighing a total of 5 pounds, 1.4 ounces. Larry Tristano of Santa Rosa placed third with two fish weighing 4 pounds, 4.8 ounces. “Both shore anglers and boaters caught fish,” said Graham. “The trollers caught the most fish, but many of them were smaller ones in the 10 inch class that they released..” Bank fishermen landed good numbers of fish while soaking worms and PowerBait at Mallard and Eagle Point. Fly fishing is finally picking up. “They’re finding the best action while using damsel pre-emergers and blood midges at Cow Creek and Jenkins Point,” she noted. “Bass anglers are picking up largemouths while fishing jigs and Rooster Tails at Lightning Tree and Mosquito Slough,” she noted. Davis Lake is holding 82,692 feet of water, 100 percent of capacity and 123 percent of average. - Dan Bacher LAKE DEL VALLE Stripers Converge On Heron Bay LIVERMORE – The lake temperature has been hovering in the high seventies, making it great weather for striped bass fishing! The striped bass are moving in the Heron Bay area, preferring to stay near the shorelines. Later in the day, the striped bass move down to the upper narrows. For bait, we suggest using cut anchovies or sardines. We recommend casting your bait as far out towards the channel as possible. If you prefer to use splittail swimbaits, topwater spooks, or shad imitations, you will be in luck. The striped bass seem to really be honing in on these. Cast lures at sharp points along the shore, near deep areas of the lake. Big fish honors go to Adam W. of Livermore, who caught a 20-pound striped bass Ryder A. of San Jose also landed two eight-pound striped bass while fishing with nightcrawlers in the Narrows. Kenny K. of Livermore caught two 10-pound striped bass while fishing with anchovies in Swallow Bay. The trout are almost out of season, with only a few caught using smelly baits. If you are determined to trout fish, the Heron Bay and dam area is going to be your best bet because this area of the lake has the deepest and coolest water. Any PowerBait with extra scent is a good bet. Andrew S. caught a six-pound rainbow trout while he was drifting Mice Tails near the north end of the lake. Jacob H. of Livermore bagged two trout, both weighing nearly five pounds, while fishing Continued on Pg 14 ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY? SUPERSTITIOUSLURES@GMAIL.COM SUPERSTITIOUSLURES.COM 3809 UNCLE LARRY’S LURES Time after Time, the most successful Trout & Kokanee Spinners! Use the best, catch the best and the biggest! (209)609-7034 3813 MADE IN THE USA