Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3815 July 5-19 2019 - Page 10

8 W July 5 - 19, 2019 hether I’m trolling for kings outside the Golden Gate or trying to fool Alaskan silvers lures and accesso- ries from the folks at Silver Horde/Gold Star are never far from reach. Here are a few of their products that are almost always in my salmon fishing arsenal. Gold Star 8 Inch Dodgers Designed to attract feeding salmon, Gold Star Dodgers are made from top quality spring tempered brass. This material allows the metal to flex when trolled giving the dodger a unique action. The dodgers are fitted with saltwater resistant swivels and welded rings. These dodges come in a variety of colors, but the silver/ purple UV, pearl glow and watermelon UV are my favorites. Ace Hi Fly An Ace Hi Fly is like a hoochie wearing a tuxedo, basically a greatly dressed up version of the old reliable plastic squid. Ace Hi Flies come with a hard bead head that boasts lifelike eyes. The skirt utilizes VOL.38 • ISS. 15 Turn To Silver Horde/Gold Star For Ocean Salmon Gear a hoochie, but adds to it with synthetic flash. Kingfisher Lite When I need a small spoon for ocean salmon or a big spoon for trout I generally reach for my selection of Kingfisher Lite Spoons. The spoon comes in three sizes that range from 2 5/8 inches long to 3 3/8 inches. I usually go with the smallest version. A wide range of color choices in standard, glow and Ultra Violet finishes are available. When it comes to color I usually keep things simple and try to match the baitfish the trout or salmon are feeding on. The KatchKooler The KatchKooler is one of the most popular items for Northwest Steelhead and Salmon anglers. Thousands are now in the hands of anglers. The small boat angler who doesn’t have room for a large ice chest in his boat, the large boat owner who doesn’t want to share his food cooler with a dead fish or the bank angler who wants to bring his catch home in prime condition have found the KatchKooler the solution to keeping their catch in fresh, prime condition. The KatchKooler is made from high density close cell foam. It’s made with waterproof fabric. BUT, it leaks and is designed to leak. All fish bags do! There is nothing that will destroy the flavor or texture of your fish faster than allowing it to lay in warm water. So, to use your KatchKooler correctly, do the following things: The KatchKooler has two compartments. One side for ice, the other side for your fish. Upon catching your fish, place them in a plastic bag and put them in the compartment opposite the compartment where you have your ice. Lay your bag so that the ice is on top, as cold travels down. If you are using ice cubes, you must drain the water from the bag occasionally so that your ice will last longer and water doesn’t collect around the fish. The best ice packs for your KatchKooler are either the blue Ice packs, chemical frozen ice packs or even better, save your money and freeze your own ice in heavy sided plastic bottles. Since we throw away hundreds of plastic bottles a year, you should have no problem collecting more than you will ever need. The best bottles to use are flat and broad. Fill them about ¾ full and add a teaspoon of salt to the water before freezing. It will take a little longer to freeze, but will be at least 3 degrees colder than normal ice. By using bottles, blue ice, etc., you will not only protect your catch from bacterial degradation, but also preserve the quality of the flavor of your catch. For more information about Silver Horde/Gold Star’s entire line of fine products go to Kick Off Your Fishing & Hunting Adventures From The New City Of Colusa Boat Launching Facility On The Sacramento River! I f you haven’t heard the news, the new state of the art City Of Colusa Boat Launching Facility on the Sacra- mento River is now fully operational! Colusa is a hub of fishing and hunting in the Sacramento Valley, so it’s only appropriate that the City of Colusa now features a long overdue modern boat launching facility. Plan on utilizing the new ramp for your summer and fall fishing and hunting adventures on the Sacramento River! Pat Kittle of Kittle’s Outdoor and Sport Co. is one of the folks in the Colusa community that strongly supported and helped push forward this project that will benefit hunters, anglers and recre- ational boaters as well as the larger Colusa community. Kittle’s has everything you need for the Norcal hunting and fishing scene. The store is located at 888 Market Street or you can shop online by visiting If you’d like to call the folks at Kittle’s, the phone number is (530) 458-4868.