Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3813 June 7-21 2019 - Page 14

12 June 7 - 21, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 13 Check Out Superstitious Lures For Trout Spoons & More! Willfish Tackle In Auburn Has A Deep Selection Of Trout & Landlocked Salmon Gear! by Cal Kellogg W hat are Superstitious Lures? That easy, they are a thin- bladed fishing spoon that has been producing great fishing experiences for anglers targeting trout and a variety of other species. Used for trolling, bank casting, stream fishing, ladder-fishing at Pyramid Lake, dock fishing or even vertical jigging! Superstitious Lures are one of a kind and unique spoons, so you know that you will be getting a high quality product. You can count the Superstitious Team to get you the best quality fishing W lures available. They use the highest quality components and materials. Best of all the lures are handcrafted right here in the great state of Nevada in the U.S.A.! For more information go to Spoons? Dodgers? Luhr Jensen Has What You Need! I f you are looking for a winning combination for trout, look no further than Luhr Jensen Needlefish spoons and dodgers. illfish Tackle isn’t a big box store. In fact, the store isn’t very large at all, but it has everything you need for catching fish from the coast to the Sierra. I’ve been shopping at Willfish for a long time because they stock a full line of gear and components. Line, hooks, rods, reels, lures and an array of natural baits. Owner Craig Newton even stocks some hard to find items such as wooden Lyman Lures, the new 2 inch Lyman and Arctic Fox trolling flies as well as products from Luhr Jensen, Mack’s Lure, Needlefish The elongated thin-blade design of the Needlefish makes it a top performer for trout trolling at all speeds. Magnetic Attraction Yakima Bait and GVF Lures. Craig loves to fish and he’s always ready with advice whether you’re looking for a limit of stripers in the Delta, a double digit cutthroat at Pyramid or just want to enjoy an afternoon soaking PowerBait at a local lake for some pansize rainbows. If you need to top off your trout and salmon fishing supplies, drop by Willfish and marvel at the wide selection of gear that Craig has packed into his shop! Willfish is located at 11944 Masters Court, Auburn, Ca. For more information call (530) 887-0839. Hyperactive in nature, the addition of the metal flipper tail, adds a small touch of erratic flash fish can’t resist. Choose from multiple sizes and extensive finishes to match every fishery. Rig the Needlefish behind a dodger or troll or fish it all alone behind a weight, on lead core line, or off a downrigger. Jensen Dodger The Jensen Dodger will tolerate faster speeds preferred by today’s anglers. It swims with a sharp side-to-side snap that livens the action of spoons, flies and lures. The Luhr Jensen Dodger has proven over decades to be a top performer for drawing the attention of trout and salmon. For more information about Luhr Jensen’s entire line of fine fishing products go to The brilliant flash, slow rotation and heavy underwater vibrations of Ford Fender® Lake Trolls draw attention from maximum distances. Rigged TACTICAL STORM PROOF GEAR BAGS with corrosion-resistant stainless steel wire, the big-fl ash blades, in ten attractive fi nishes, emit a magnetic force big trout and kokanee can’t resist. Ford Fender® Lake Troll NEW FOR 2019 TAKE THE BATTLE TO THE WATER WITH THE EGO TACTICAL DRY BAG SERIES! 100% WATERPROOF HIGH-PERFORMANCE TPU FABRIC NOW AVAIABLE AT WWW.EGOFISHING.COM TROUT & KOKANEE SEASON IS HERE! Luhr-Jensen FordFender-Attraction 4.875x4.625.indd 1 3/28/19 11:35 AM We carry a complete line of Kokanee and Trout tackle — EXACTLY what you need to catch Trout and Kokanee in our nearby lakes and rivers! Now available in 2 inch size Model 81 Lil Red Dot Frog 1946-2019 Our 73nd Year of catching fish! GLITTERBUGS and many more! We offer the Best Selection of Ultralight Kokanee Rods available: and more! (530) 887- 0839 11944 Masters Court, Auburn CA The Thomas BUOYANT spoon is un-surpassed as one deadly trout and salmon lure! The Buoyant is an erratic-action wobbler that imitates the darting motion of a frantic, fleeing baitfish. This action, combined with jewelry-quality finishes creates a spoon that entices even the wariest of trout and many other types of game-fish into striking. Cast or trolled, deep or shallow, the Thomas BUOYANT has been a favorite of successful anglers for over 70 years! Stainless Steel rings and extra-strong hooks. 3803 • 1.800.724.6768