Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3813 June 7-21 2019 - Page 12

10 I June 7 - 21, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 13 New Okuma Kokanee Black Rods Spank Kings With Apex Lures! by Cal Kellogg by Paul Kneeland W I have always favored long rods that let you guide fish away from the side of the boat and give you more “cushion” when fighting fish. These Kokanee black rods fill that bill very well. And Okuma didn’t scrimp on the hardware on these rods – the 8 footer has 13 eyes and the 9 footer 14 eyes to keep the line off the rod when under stress. The only drawback to these rods is that they are a little heavier than a comparable graphite rod. However, the fiberglass construction is infinitely more durable than graphite and will take more abuse. I have used these rods several times this year, and found them to be superb when trolling for trout and kokanee using downriggers. The 9 foot rod is now going to be my go-to rod fishing for the large Lahontan Cutthroat at Pyramid Lake. It is light enough for kokanee at Stampede, but strong enough to handle Pyramid cutthroats! Okuma Kokanee Black Rods are available in 3 casting and 2 spinning models. Okuma offers these rods with a Limited Lifetime Warranty at a suggested retail price of only $89.95. These are very fine kokanee and trout trolling rods at a great price! SUPERSTITIOUSLURES@GMAIL.COM Ask for them at your local retailer, SUPERSTITIOUSLURES.COM or go to www. 3809 okumafishingusa. com. have had the opportunity to check out and use a new series of rods built by Okuma – the Kokanee Black series. These new rods have a custom tapered fiberglass blank built for kokanee fishing. Most fiberglass rods I have used in the past are far to “whippy” for my taste, and have very little backbone. The Kokanee Black rods have a very solid backbone with a very fast, sensitive tip. I have tried two of the casting models – the 8’ ultralight casting model and the 9’ medium light action casting model – and found them to be outstanding downrigger rods for both trout and kokanee fishing. Both of these rods feature SeaGuide stainless steel guides with Titanium oxide inserts, and premium Fuji reel seats. My favorite feature of these rods is the woven carbon fiber fore and rear grips. These grips slide in and out of rod holders much easier than traditional cork grips, which is very important when downrigger fishing. hen it comes to the Apex there are believers and there are scoffers. Do Apex Lures always work for salmon? No, nothing does, but I’ve seen more than a few scoffers converted on days when kings wouldn’t touch natural bait, but would absolutely freight train an Apex! The vibrating and spinning action of the Apex is what makes it effective. Golden State salmon generally feed on baitfish. It is the active darting movements of the bait that ultimately attracts the salmon. The dodging and weaving of the baitfish creates strong vibrations and predators like salmon quickly detect these. Yet these “standard” vibrations may or may not trigger a strike. Research indicates that it’s the erratic vibrations created by wounded or sick baitfish that really trigger the predatory response in salmon and other predators. The Apex effectively duplicates the movements of a wounded baitfish. It’s contoured scoop front surface causes a rapid side-to-side shaking action as it is trolled. The Apex will also dart violently from side to side and will spin once in a while. These actions are triggers and are not duplicated by any other artificial lure. Apex Lures are made by the folks at Hotspot. To check out their entire line of flashers, Apex Lures and salmon gear visit their website at www. ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY? 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June 8 12, & 9, 2015 2019 Saturday Sept. 12, 2015 Saturday Shaver Lake, Shaver Lake, CA LAKE Oak Bottom Rec CA Area TEAM KOKANEE DERBY $3000 in CASH & PRIZES Place $1000 $3000 in CASH & PRIZES • 1 Place $600 • • 1 Cash Paid to 15 $3000 Place in CASH & AMADOR PRIZES • 1 Place $600 • Cash Paid to 15 Place Cash and/or Prizes Paid to 15 Place st st th Saturday Sept. 12, 2015 (based on 125 paid anglers) th CA Shaver Lake, (based on 125 paid anglers) st th (based on 125 paid anglers) Special BLIND BOGEY Pot – $20 entry Special BLIND BOGEY Seasonally! Side Pot – $20 entry Entry Fees: Adult $130 (Non Side Member $150) • Junior FREE Trout Planted in Adult CASH & PRIZES • 1 Place $55) $600 • • Junior Cash Paid to 15 Place Entry $3000 Fees: $45 (Non FREE! (based on 125 paid anglers) Includes Dinner at Member the Red Lion Hotel (with th Paid Adult) st Special BLIND BOGEY Side Pot – $20 entry Register Online at Check in Friday June Entry 7th from 4:30 Adult to 6:30 pm (Non at the Red Lion in Redding. Fees: $45 Member $55) Hotel • Junior FREE! Entry Fees: Adult $45 (Non Member $55) • Junior FREE! • Cafe • RV at Park • Waterslide Register Online • Campground • Disc September Golf 12 at 6 to 6:30 am. All persons in each Check in Friday September 11 from will 4:30 to 7 SATURDAY pm and Saturday 12 CHECK at 6 to 6:30 Check in Friday each September 11 from 4:30 to 7 pm and Saturday There be NO REGISTRATION OR IN. am. All persons Register Online at September • General Store boat All must be registered in the derby – NO EXCEPTIONS. Fishing starts at 6:30 am –Lunch begins at boat 1:30 must pm be – registered in the derby – NO EXCEPTIONS. Fishing starts at 6:30 am –Lunch begins at 1:30 pm – persons in each boat be September registered in the NO Saturday EXCEPTIONS 5:30 in am Check must in Friday 11 from 4:30 derby to 7 pm – and September 12 – at Fishing 6 to 6:30 starts am. All at persons each – Included with be all in entry fees. Weigh in pm starts at the 1 EXCEPTIONS. pm. – You must be in weigh in line by 2 am pm – 888-744-8150 NO EXCEPTIONS. Included boat must by be 2 registered derby NO EXCEPTIONS. Fishing starts at 6:30 –Lunch begins at 1:30 pm – with all entry fees. Weigh in starts at 1 pm. You must be in weigh in line by 2 pm – NO EXCEPTIONS. You must weigh in line – in NO Chairman Gary Coe Cafe Open Seasonally On Friday, Saturday & Sundays with Flohr all entry fees. Weigh in starts at 1 pm. • You must be in weigh in line by 2 pm – NO EXCEPTIONS. Chairman: Jake Flohr • 559-271-8908 • Chairman: Included Jake • 559-271-8908 Register Online at Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Chairman: Jake Flohr • 559-271-8908 • Sponsored by: FISHERMAN’S FISHERMAN’S FISHERMAN’S WAREHOUSE WAREHOUSE WAREHOUSE 209-274 -4739 FISHERMAN’S 7500 Lake Amador Dr., Ione, CA 95640 WAREHOUSE DAVEY TREE SERVICE DAVEY TREE SERVICE DAVEY TREE SERVICE WWW.LAKEAMADOR.COM DAVEY TREE SERVICE The MOLLE Loop straping allows you to conveniently add your favorite tactical fishing accessories for easy transport and access. For more infor- mation go to www. EgoFishing. Com