Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3813 June 7-21 2019 - Page 10

8 June 7 - 21, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 13 Add Flash Without Adding Weight With Mack’s Lure Flash Lite Flashers! by Cal Kellogg I f I had to pick my all-time most consistently productive trolling set up, I’d have to go with the old school flasher and worm presentation. Not only does this rig catch trout, but it also illustrates that those dang trout aren’t quite as smart as we give them credit for being… “Hmmm I’m a little hungry,” says Mr. Trout. “Look at all those shiny whirling metal blades…What’s that behind the blades? A night crawler, spinning through water at an oh so unnatural 1.5 miles per Trout ~ Kokanee ~ Salmon ~ Shad OFFICIAL SPONSOR 18 Proven Kokanee/Trout Dodgers! 240 different size/ color combinations! 4 All Natural Scents... 82 YEARS of Catching Kokanee, TROUT & KOKANEE Trout, Salmon & Shad 100% Made in the USA Without a DICK NITE... You’re Not Fishin’ Right! 3704 • hour. I think I’ll grab at that worm and hit it time after time until I get hooked by that No. 6 baitholder that I can clearly see.” In all seriousness that’s about the shape of it. It doesn’t look right and it doesn’t seem right, but a set of flashers teamed with a dirty old worm catches wild trout and planters, rainbows, browns mackinaw and more. So, what flasher have I been running this season? That’s easy, Mack’s Lure Flash Lite Mylar flashers. These flashers create all the flash and vibration of traditional metal flashers, but without all the weight and drag asso- ciated with old school metal blades. My go to combo is a set of Flash Lites teamed with an honest to goodness worm. If natural baits aren’t your style team a set of Mack’s Flash Lites with an artificial Gulp! worm or a 2 to 3 inch soft plastic grub. To learn more about all the fine products offered by Mack’s Lure, visit them online at www. CATCH MORE TROUT WITH... ROOSTER TAIL AND ROOSTER TAIL SCENT ® ® ROOSTER TAIL SPINNER ® Bleeding Frog Worden’s Rooster Tail is one of the most productive spinners ever for trout and other game fish. Trolled in lakes, or cast and retrieve in streams, Rooster Tails come in just the right color and size for any water condition. Spring Frog NEW ROOSTER TAIL SCENT SPRAY ® HACKLE SAFE SPRAY-ON UV FISH ATTRACTANT PRODUCES MORE FISH • ADDS 100% REAL SCENT-BASED TASTE TO LURES & BAIT • HANDY TWO (2) OZ. EASY SPRAY-ON PUMPER BOTTLE • CONCENTRATED AMINO ACIDS AND BITE STIMULANTS FISH DEVOUR SCENT FLAVORS: 6 SCENT FLAVORS • TROPHY BASS • CRAPPIE/PANFISH • GARLIC PLUS • GARLIC NIGHT CRAWLER • SHAD • SHRIMP • TROUT/KOKANEE • TROPHY TROUT OFFICIAL SPONSOR For more tips and videos on how to fish Rooster Tails go to 3803