Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3812 May 24- June 7 2019 - Page 9

May 24 - June 7, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 12 7 Catch & Release Fishing Reports Sponsored by Kiene’s Fly Shop 916-483-1222 • 9550 Micron Ave. Suite B • Sacramento, CA FLY FISHING REPORTS wary of the larger patterns. Try dragging a Hale Bop or an olive Crystal Bugger through the deep holes and between the weed channels. Try swinging a nymph under an indicator . . . it works! This big cabrilla was cruising the near shore waters off the East Cape this May and couldn’t lay off a well-presented streamer fly. The fish was released after the photo. Photo courtesy of VAN WORMER RESORTS, East Cape, Baja. FALL RIVER: Red Hot Spring Fishing Stained Water TRUCKEE RIVER: Good Fishing Despite Flows dropped a little more this week but the river remains off color but fishable down to Glenshire Bridge. Below that it becomes chocolate. If you do go, look for soft water near the edges and strip or dead drift some streamers along the edges. A pink San Juan Worm is always good this time of the year as are golden Stone and midge patterns. Be prepared with PMD and Baetis (Blue Wing Olive) patterns and cripples. Some Caddis in the evening. In between hatches strip or swing #10 & #12 olive leach patterns, such as the venerable Hale Bop for the Fall River’s largest fish. Try suspending an olive balance leach under an indicator, you may be in for a surprise. Matt Nichols of Shasta Angler in Fall River Mills advises that when nymphing fish small (#18 and smaller) flashback Pheasant Tail Nymphs as the This angler took a spring adventure to Van Wormer Resorts to fish fish are the Sea of Cortez with fly tackle and ended up landing and releasing becoming WEST CARSON RIVER: Plants Suspended Due to Big Flows Flows came down a little from last week but that probably won’t affect fishing much. Todd at the Alpine Fish Greg took a fly fishing trip to Lake Berryessa on April 30 & Game Commission and got several bass including the beautiful smallmouth. Photo courtesy of KIENE’S FLY SHOP, Sacramento. reports that because of high flows off color water they canceled the scheduled stocking that was supposed to occur last week. There should LOWER YUBA RIVER: however be good numbers of fish that Trout Eat Caddis are left over from the stocking at the The river was fishing very well last end of last season. Meadow section should be your best bet. Fish the edges. week for those who fished it from water craft, but flows have doubled Try dead drifting midges or something so it may have a negative effect. big and ugly. A San Juan Worm should Fish are ranging from between 13 to be a part of any two-fly rig. If the river is 16 inches. All of the fish have been blown, go check out Reds Lake Creek taken by fishing caddis pupa and out in the meadow. midge patterns under an indicator. Worm patterns and big and uglies are good patterns when the water is high on this river too. Fish the edges. HOT CREEK: Fishing Good, Access Easy Chris at the Troutfitter reports that the road is now open into the gorge all the way to the last parking lot. Expect plenty of company. Midges are hatching in the morning with Baetis (BYOs) in the afternoon. A few Caddis are beginning to come off in the mornings too. Check road conditions either at the Troutfitter or at Rick’s before you go into the gorge. several fish including this incredible roosterfish. Photo courtesy of VAN WORMER RESORTS, East Cape, Baja. Fly Fishing Destinations In Focus: Lake Davis L ake Davis was created in 1967 by the damming of Grizzly Creek near Portola CA. The shallow western shore of the lake offers the best fly fishing. A road parallels, somewhat inland, the western shoreline with several dirt or gravel roads that let you turn east to the lake shore. The west shore consists of a myriad of points and coves with relatively shallow water that attracts feeding fish. In many places, you can drive right up to the water. Be aware that in the springtime, the roads to the shoreline can become a quagmire so a 4-wheel drive vehicle is recommended. In the spring, after ice out the fish begin to become active and begin fattening up prior to the spawning season. During this time, they will take almost any nymph that’s stripped slowly just off of the bottom. As water warms Calibaetis nymphs begin to become active. When summer is near the Damsel Flies and Caddis Flies start hatching. Davis is famous for its Damsel Fly Hatch and the fish key on them. In the last few years Hexagenia have become a significant hatch on the lake. Hexagenia begin hatching in early June, where on other lakes in the area they don’t show up until late June or July. Ben and Garrett of the Kiene’s staff hit the American River last week and found some shad. Get ready for some crazy action! Photo courtesy of KIENE’S FLY SHOP, Sacramento.