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18 FRESHWATER May 24 - June 7, 2019 FRESHWATER REPORTS: rock and wood structure. My biggest fish was a 2.81-pound spot. In all I landed and release 14 bass. You’ve got to be careful when fishing bass lures with multiple hooks from a small craft. I lifted one fish into the kayak and he imbedded a treble in my ankle while thrashing around. I had no choice than to man up and jerk it out with my pliers,” Pleece laughed. At Scotts Flat, there are bass in all stages of the spawn cruising the shoreline and they are grabbing a variety of baits. Grubs rigged on darter heads and Senkos work the best, but Rooster Tail spinners and small crankbaits are tempting bass too. Scott Ferguson hit the lake on May 1 and reported landing a released a northern strain largemouth that was well over 5 pounds. “The bass grabbed a green Senko. It was the biggest bass I’ve ever caught,” Ferguson said. CONTINUED FROM PG 17 REDDIING VOL.38 • ISS. 12 cont. Drakes and Yellow Sallies every day so you’ll want to team your rubber legs with a second smaller nymphs of some sort. Gear anglers are catching some fish while working plugs and side drifting with crickets and beads, but the best results are coming for anglers drifting cured roe. The fish are hungry and they have a hard time laying off a mass of eggs. Mike Bogue of Mike Bogue’s Guide Service and Robert Weese of Northern California Guide Service are offering standard tackle trips for anglers that prefer working crankbaits, salmon eggs, roe and crickets. Here is some contact info Bogue and Weese. Robert Weese (530) 755-7196. Mike Bogue, (530) 246- 8457. SACRAMENTO AREA Shad Are Hitting Darts and Grubs Delta striper action is wide open. These boys hit the water with Captain James Netzel on April 25 and scored easy limits and released a bunch SACRAMENTO – Bank of fish too. anglers and boaters are now Photo courtesy of TIGHT LINES GUIDE SERVICE, Loomis. hooking American shad on the Sacramento all of the way from Freeport to the mouth of the RIO VISTA AREA San Joaquin Kicks Out Striper Limits ROLLINS/SCOTTS FLAT LAKES 3318 3812 Foothill Anglers Smack Big Numbers of Trout & Bass COLFAX - “I had my best ever day on Rollins Lake last Tuesday. I hooked and released over 30 fish,” exclaimed Jason Pleece of Meadow Vista. “I started off the day trolling Cripplures and Ex-Cels from my kayak. While working from the mouth of Long Ravine up to Freeloaders Cove, I caught 17 rainbows and lost a bunch of other fish. They were standard planters that mostly went 12 to 14 inches,” said Pleece. “When I’d caught enough rainbows, I broke out my bass gear. I was pretty amped after all those trout, so I didn’t want to fish slow with plastics. I put on a 3-inch clown pattern Rapala Husky Jerk and started working around visible shoreline structure and the bass were really turned on. I hooked fish off both 3318 presents Presents the 4th the… Annual... 3318 SANTA CLARA VALLEY LAKES Anderson Reservoir Kicks Out Bass, Crappie COYOTE – Anglers have a lot more opportunities to pursue black bass, crappie and bluegill on the Santa Clara Valley lakes, now that the lakes are full and boating has reopened on four reservoirs Anderson, Coyote Lake, Stevens Creek and Lexington Reservoirs reopened to boating 7 days a week beginning April 15, while Calero remains open to boating. All other reservoirs and bodies of water in Santa Clara County are closed indefinitely to all vessels and floats - these include: Almaden, Chesbro, Sandy Wool, Cottonwood, Grant, Guadalupe, Uvas, and Vasona. “Anderson is producing largemouths averaging 1-1/2 to 2 pounds each, along with some larger fish in the 3 to 5 lb. range,” said Denise Bradford of Coyote Bait and Tackle. “Anglers are doing Feather. “Shad fishing is off of the hook in the entire Sacramento/Feather River system,” said Alan Fong at the Fishermen’s Warehouse. “We are selling plenty of pink or champagne shad darts or grubs to anglers going shad fishing.” The river level is dropping and CONTINUED ON PG 20 weights from ½ to 3 ounces are working depending upon your location in the river, according to Fong. “I normally like to use a two-hook drop-shot rig with (510) 223-1661 (925) 426-0197 a 10-foot leader to find at what depth the shad are holding at,” he disclosed “Once you find the (925) 449-5201 (209) 748-2318 correct depth with the right weight, you (209) 772-1472 can get a hook up Offer valid on all boat rentals Monday - Friday every cast.” For more information about Boating, Camping & Recreation Striper action is Visit WWW.ROCKYMOUNTAINREC.COM still “pretty decent” All other boat rental terms and conditions still apply.Offer subject to boat rental availability. Offer expires on 12/31/2019 and is not valid with any other coupon/discount with any other coupon/discount. in the Sacramento area at Freeport, Miller Park and presents the… Discovery Park, said Fong. Anglers are doing best drifting jumbo minnows or fishing bloodworms and pileworms from Scotts Flat Lake Recreation Area is the bank. the gateway to the Tahoe National - Dan Bacher 20% OFF ALL-DAY BOAT RENTALS AT SAN PABLO RESERVOIR SHADOW CLIFFS LAKE LAKE DEL VALLE LAKE RANCHO SECO LAKE PARDEE RIO VISTA – Striped bass fishing continues to be very good on the San Joaquin River from Prisoners Point to the Antioch Bridge. James Netzel of Tight Lines Guide Service continues to find limits of stripers while trolling Yo-Zuri lures. Five anglers kept limits of stripers, along with releasing a bunch of fish, on his latest trolling adventure out of Pirate’s Lair Marina. “The wind blew but we found a good school protected somewhat and slayed ‘em until the tide change.,” said Netzel. “A big 4’ tide with 20+mph winds blowing against the tide made for some rough fishing. But we already had about 50 fish with half those being good keepers.” The previous trip also yielded limits of stripers for 10 anglers. “We are leaving the dirty delta May 16 for the high Sierra Stampede kokanee bonanza,” added Netzel. - Dan Bacher Shoemaker of the Rocky Mountain Recreation Company. “I was talking to one of our regulars who said he was fishing for catfish and was catching trout, which leads me to believe that the trout are starting to go deep.” “I also talked to another angler who said he had been catching decent size crappie in the reeds and cover,” she added. Mt. Lassen planted 1,200 lbs. of Mt Lassen trout at the Marina on May 2. Nick Castilogia’s friend caught a big trout while fishing off a boat. Junior Herra of San Francisco also landed two trout weighing a total of 2.51 lbs. The lake level is 311 feet in elevation and the surface water temperature is 64.6 degrees. Scotts Fishing•Camping•Boating SHAVER Flat Our LAKE IS FULL! Whiskeytown Lake SHAVER Two Day the… presents LAKE LAKE SHAVER TEAM DERBY TEAM KOKANEE DERBY TEAM KOKANEE KOKANEE LAKE DERBY Sat & Sun, Sept. June 8 12, & 9, 2015 2019 Saturday Saturday Sept. 12, 2015 SAN PABLO Forest. At an elevation of 3,000 feet, the lake is an ideal headquarters for a complete vacation and family fun! Shaver Lake, Shaver Lake, CA RESERVOIR Oak Bottom Rec CA Area TEAM KOKANEE DERBY Target Trout in Saturday Sept. 12, 2015 $3000 in CASH & PRIZES • • 1 Cash Place $1000 $3000 in CASH & PRIZES • 1 Place $600 Paid to 15 $3000 Place in CASH & Deeper PRIZES • Water 1 Place $600 • Cash Paid to 15 st st st th (based on 125 paid anglers) Shaver CA (based on 125 paid anglers) Cash and/or Prizes Paid Lake, to 15 th Place th Place (based on 125 paid anglers) EL SOBRANTE Special BLIND BOGEY Pot – $20 entry Special BLIND BOGEY Side Pot – $20 entry Entry Fees: Adult $130 (Non Side Member $150) • Junior FREE Handicapped barrier free fishing access, in Adult CASH & PRIZES • 1 Place $55) $600 • • Junior Cash Paid to 15 Place Entry $3000 Fees: $45 (Non FREE! (based on 125 paid anglers) Includes Dinner at Member the Red Lion Hotel (with th Paid Adult) st Special BLIND BOGEY Side Pot – $20 entry Register Online at Check in Friday June Entry 7th from 4:30 Adult to 6:30 pm (Non at the Red Lion in Redding. Fees: $45 Member $55) Hotel • Junior FREE! - The Adult trout have Entry Fees: $45 (Non Member $55) • Junior FREE! Fish cleaning station, Restrooms at marina, apparently moved Register Online at at Boat Launch Ramp, Marina, Store. into deeper water Pablo Check in Friday September 11 from will 4:30 to 7 SATURDAY pm and Saturday 12 CHECK at 6 to 6:30 Check in Friday each September San 11 from 4:30 to Reservoir 7 pm and Saturday September 12 at 6 to 6:30 am. All persons in each There be NO REGISTRATION OR IN. am. All persons Register Online at September with the onset of boat All must be registered in the derby – NO EXCEPTIONS. Fishing starts at 6:30 am –Lunch begins at boat 1:30 must pm be – registered in the derby – NO EXCEPTIONS. Fishing starts at 6:30 am –Lunch begins ❂ at 1:30 pm – Fishing ❂ Camping Boating persons in each boat be September registered in the NO Saturday EXCEPTIONS 5:30 in am Check must in Friday 11 from 4:30 derby to 7 pm – and September 12 – at Fishing 6 to 6:30 starts am. All at persons each – Included with be all in entry fees. Weigh in pm starts at the 1 EXCEPTIONS. pm. – You must be in weigh in line by 2 am pm – 888-744-8150 NO EXCEPTIONS. Included Weigh in weather. starts at 1 pm. You must be in weigh in line by 2 pm – NO EXCEPTIONS. warmer boat must by be 2 registered derby NO EXCEPTIONS. Fishing starts at 6:30 –Lunch begins at 1:30 pm – with all entry fees. You must weigh in line – in NO Chairman Gary Coe Scotts Flat Rd., Nevada City, CA 95959 with Flohr all entry fees. Weigh in starts at 1 pm. • You must be in weigh in line by 2 pm – NO EXCEPTIONS. Chairman: Jake Chairman: Included Jake • 559-271-8908 559-271-8908 • 23333 “The Flohr trout • bite Chairman: Jake Flohr • 559-271-8908 • Register Online at Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: FISHERMAN’S FISHERMAN’S FISHERMAN’S WAREHOUSE WAREHOUSE WAREHOUSE has been slow this week even though FISHERMAN’S we planted trout,” DAVEY TREE SERVICE DAVEY TREE SERVICE said Marcella DAVEY WAREHOUSE TREE SERVICE Just 5 Miles East of Nevada City on Hwy 20 3810 EXCELLENT FISHING FOR: Rainbow Trout German Browns Kokanee Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Reservations (530) 265– 5302 • Office (530) 265–8861 DAVEY TREE SERVICE Nevada Irrigation District